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CA News & Special Reports Archive





  • Consumer Action INSIDER - September 2022.
    The September issue of INSIDER brings you stories about some new grants and initiatives at Consumer Action, as well as standard features, like Hotline Chronicles (a terrible snafu with airline tickets) and CFPB Watch (a rundown of what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been up to). Learn about some upcoming class action settlements, too.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - August 2022.
    This month's INSIDER brings you stories from Hotline Chronicles ("Interest-heavy payments burn"), our coalition efforts and what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's been up to on your behalf. Find new class actions as well!


  • How to appeal health insurance claim denials (Summer 2022).
    Consumers almost never appeal when their health insurance claims are denied. Yet, about 40% of ACA Marketplace claims were overturned on appeal. Consumer Action looks at the key reasons for denial and how to fight for the coverage you deserve.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER- July 2022.
    This month we write about events our staff monitored, including one about kids' online safety and another exploring the effect of debt in worsening the racial wealth gap. Hotline Chronicles discusses an order for a "loot crate" that was never delivered and info on how to claim vouchers in a class action settlement over recalled sunscreen products.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - May 2022.
    This month's INSIDER features stories about our recent activities, including a webinar exploring the impact of COVID on small businesses and a project using FinTech to improve financial wellness. Hotline Chronicles relates a woman's difficulty in receiving her income tax refund after attempting to have it sent to a prepaid card. And, we announce new settlements in our Class Action Database.


  • Emergency assistance for tenants and homeowners (Spring 2022).
    This issue of Consumer Action's quarterly newsletter provides an update on the various types of financial assistance available to help qualifying homeowners and renters stay in their homes. It also presents various efforts at preventing inaccurate eviction records from impeding consumers' ability to rent a home.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - April 2022.
    In this month's INSIDER, we look at a consumer complaint about an employment background screening report, celebrate an award-winning community partner, and provide a run-down of a recent webinar on debt and debt collections (you can watch the recording!). Our CFPB Watch provides updates on what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is up to, and Coalition Efforts announces some recent efforts with our allies.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - March 2022.
    The March issue of Consumer Action INSIDER features coverage of our webinar on housing insecurity in America; coalition efforts urging the rejection of a FinTech startup bank charter and asking Congress to prioritize affordable housing; new activities at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; and a highlight of a new class action settlement centering on Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. The regular Hotline Chronicles feature relates a personal-care product complaint.


  • Navigating the auto loan process (Winter 2021-2022).
    This issue examines why so many people are disadvantaged when they seek auto financing, due to dealership practices that often result in discrimination against people of color and unsophisticated consumers. The articles include tips on seeking auto financing and leasing.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - February 2022.
    The February INSIDER has information about a new Consumer Action and Consumer Federation of America project to educate California consumers about their privacy rights; links to English and Spanish videos about how you can help spread the word about the importance to your community of coronavirus vaccines; and a Hotline Chronicles story about one man's dissatisfaction with a competitive energy supplier's rates. Also, our regular features, Did you know?, CFPB Watch, and new settlements just added to our Class Action Database.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - January 2022.
    Start 2022 right with Consumer Action's INSIDER newsletter. Learn about what we are up to with the goal of improving consumer protections and consumer rights.



  • Consumer Action INSIDER - December 2021.
    This month's newsletter features articles on how to (attempt to) stop robocalls; a rundown on our recent 50th anniversary convening, looking at five decades of consumer protections (which you can now watch on YouTube); advice for safeguarding your financial data from a recent webinar; new class action settlements you can join; and more.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - November 2021.
    The INSIDER rundown: Certificates of recognition for 10 allies, advocates and board members; Hotline Chronicles on how to address identity theft; the CFPB's new director; BofA settles class action lawsuit about auto-pay options; and more.


  • Medicare Issue (Fall 2021).
    The Fall 2021 issue of Consumer Action News dives into the many choices that newly eligible Medicare recipients have to make. Not being prepared with those decisions by your 65th birthday could leave you without the best coverage or open you up to long-term penalties. Read on to learn about your plan options and what key deadlines to be aware of.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - October 2021.
    In this month's edition, we report on our upcoming 50th anniversary events, warn rental car customers about the often unexpected cost of tolls, highlight recent coalition efforts and CFPB activities, and alert readers to a class action suit against Wells Fargo for unrefunded GAP fees.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - September 2021.
    In this month's edition, we report on new members to our board, examine inaccurate news reports, share some stories from student loan borrowers who were burned by the federal government's public service loan forgiveness program, and present our recorded webinar on how to get the temporary Emergency Broadband Benefit, a monthly subsidy that can help your household connect to high speed broadband for less money.


  • Tenant screening reports (Summer 2021).
    Landlords rely on background reports to screen and assess prospective tenants. These reports, however, can contain inaccurate details that close the door on tenants seeking rental housing. In this issue of Consumer Action News we examine the pros and cons of these reports.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - August 2021.
    The August 2021 issue of Consumer Action's INSIDER newsletter includes our regular features highlighting our recent work with advocacy allies, the latest activities of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and another class action settlement you may be eligible to join. This month, we also announce publication of three new fact sheets, on the Emergency Broadband Benefit and on vaccine hesitancy; offer advice for anyone who ends up with a "lemon" RV; and link to numerous articles and videos we've contributed to Spanish-language media outlets.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - July 2021.
    The July issue of Consumer Action INSIDER features news of new publications to help you avoid pandemic-related fraud; a new webinar offering advice for getting back on track with your retirement savings if COVID-19 affected your finances; a Hotline Chronicles about rental security deposits and whether you can use them to pay your last month's rent; CFPB Watch; and a class action against TikTok for violating children's privacy rights.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - June 2021.
    The June 2021 issue of INSIDER brings you stories about our recent activities and publications, including the most recent Consumer Action News issue, about liability insurance, and a new webinar explaining the rise of "contactless payment" methods due to the pandemic. Regular features include Hotline Chronicles, CFPB Watch and new additions to our Class Action Database.
  • Liability insurance (Spring 2021).
    Liability insurance is designed to protect you and your assets from accidental injury or damage to someone else or their property. We explain what liability protection covers and what to consider when filing a claim.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - May 2021.
    The May 2021 issue of Consumer Action INSIDER helps readers make sense of pandemic-related financial aid and other assistance, including efforts to keep renters and homeowners housed; gives readers tips on avoiding scam real estate investment seminars; presents the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's latest work to protect homeowners and those who are in debt; details our recent coalition efforts; and announces new settlements posted in our Class Action Database.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - April 2021.
    The April 2021 issue of Consumer Action INSIDER describes our new Share Financial Data with Care FinTech educational campaign to help consumers stay security savvy while using financial technology apps and online platforms; outlines how our FinTech work has helped consumers save money, even during the pandemic; tells readers how to get out of an unwanted auto-renewal service; details our latest webinar on food insecurity during the pandemic (part of our COVID-19 Educational Project); presents the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's latest work to protect students, homeowners and retirees; details our recent coalition efforts; shares the latest happenings at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; and announces new settlements posted in our Class Action Database.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - March 2021.
    The March 2021 issue of Consumer Action INSIDER tells readers what they can do to avoid becoming a victim of tax fraud this year; outlines how AFCPE®, the Wells Fargo Foundation and Yellow Ribbon Network have launched a free, virtual financial counseling and coaching initiative available to everyone, regardless of financial situation; reveals what we're facing when it comes to mass evictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the problem can be mitigated; tells readers how to file their taxes even without a W-2 form; outlines the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's new leadership and mission-driven goals; details our recent coalition efforts; shares the latest happenings at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; and announces new settlements posted in our Class Action Database.

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