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Consumer Services Guide (CSG)

Managing Money Edition

The Consumer Services Guide is searchable directory of resources which can help you with consumer problems and questions. There are multiple editions of the 'Guide', some which deal with specific issues such as housing or credit. The full directory, the Consumer Service Guide Edition, provides access to all the resources collected by Consumer Action.

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  • American Bar Association - Consumer's Guide to Legal Help on the Internet
    This site is run by the American Bar Association and provides information about how and where to find free legal help, advice about hiring a lawyer, what to do if you have trouble with your lawyer, and more.
    (added October 2006)
  • FinAid! The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid
    Comprehensive guide to student financial aid. Discusses sources of financial aid, as well as tips on avoiding scams.
    (added October 2006)
  • Bankrate.com
    Excellent site offering almost daily updates on rates for mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, checking and savings accounts, home equity loans, ATM fees, as well as banking news.
    (added October 2006)
  • CAUCE (Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail)
    The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email is an ad hoc, all volunteer organization, created by Netizens to advocate for a legislative solution to the problem of Unsolicited Commerical E-mail (“spam”).
    (added October 2006)
  • Morningstar
    Morningstar is a trusted source for insightful information on stocks, mutual funds, variable annuities, closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds, separate accounts, hedge funds, and 529 college savings plans
    (added October 2006)
  • California - Department of Managed Care
    The Help Center at the Department of Managed Health Care explains your health care rights and helps you understand how to use your health care benefits. They make sure that health plans follow the law and address member complaints on time.
    (added October 2006)
  • Motley Fool
    Offers stock quotes, news, charts and data, model portfolios, and personal finance advice.
    (added October 2006)
  • Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO)
    Fair Isaacs Inc. is one of the largest and oldest creators of the consumer credit scoring models used by financial institutions to assess loan applicants' risk, offers very general information on credit scores.
    (added October 2006)
  • National Consumers League
    The National Consumers League is America’s oldest consumer organization, representing consumers and workers on marketplace and workplace issues since our founding in 1899. NCL provides government, businesses, and other organizations with the consumer’s perspective on concerns including child labor, privacy, food safety, and medication information.
    (added October 2006)
  • Practical Money Skills for Life
    Advice, classroom curriculums, calculators and more from payment card network giant Visa
    (added October 2006)
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Privacy of Your Credit Report
    An excellent in-depth resource on the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the first federal law to regulate the use of personal information by private businesses, prepared by the Electronic Privacy Information Center.
    (added October 2006)
  • American Savings Education Council (ASEC)
    Links to helpful sites about saving.
    (added October 2006)
  • CALPIRG Privacy Rights Program
    The California Public Interest Research Group’s website devoted to privacy rights. Includes resources for victims of identity theft, suppport group information, and fact sheets about how to prevent identity theft.
    (added October 2006)
  • Nightly Business Report
    Public television’s Nightly Business Report’s website offers transcripts of breaking business and economic news, financial market coverage, mutual fund reports, CEO interviews, commentaries by noted economists, and investor education.
    (added October 2006)
  • CardTrak.com, Inc.
    Surveys on regular and secured credit cards and charge cards. News and analysis relating to the consumer credit card industry
    (added October 2006)
  • New Mexico - Public Regulation Commission Consumer Relations Division
    The Public Utilities Commission (RIPUC) and the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers (DPUC) are independent regulatory bodies whose mission is to ensure that safe, reliable, quality utility service is provided at a fair and reasonable cost.
    (added October 2006)
  • American Bankers Association
    Industry group site contains a lot of information for consumers and calculators to help you figure mortgage, auto, and college loan rates.
    (added October 2006)
  • Arkansas - Better Business Bureau (BBB)
    Contact for pre-purchase inquiry and complaint information on local businesses. Takes complaints on companies and arbitrates problems and disputes. Monitors and reviews local advertising and tracks and reports on charitable organizations. BBB of the Mid-South, Inc serves West Tennessee, North Mississippi and Eastern Arkansas.
    (added October 2006)
  • Chinatown Service Center
    Provides information and referrals to social services and consumer education. Provides welfare, medical and social security information. Will assist in the completion of forms and translation of documents. Also offers employment training, job placement, mental health services, medical clinic services, elderly services and in-home services.
    (added October 2006)
  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service
    A non-profit community service agency that provides help in planning debt payments, credit and budget counseling and education. Fees to administer debt repayment plan are on a sliding scale; free if you cannot afford to pay. HUD certified housing education includes pre-purchase information, landlord/tenant counseling, early delinquency intervention and default counseling.
    (added October 2006)
  • Oklahoma - Department of Securities
    Each state has its own laws and regulations for securities brokers and for all types of securities, including stocks, mutual funds, commodities, real estate offerings, uninsured investment products sold by banks and others. The officials enforce these laws and regulations. State securities agencies are responsible also for preventing fraud and abuse in the sale of all but the largest securities offerings. If you have a…
    (added October 2006)
  • South Carolina - Attorney Generals Office Securities Section
    The Securities Division of the Attorney General's office exists to ensure as fair a marketplace as possible in the trading of securities by protecting South Carolina investors from investment fraud, serving as a source of information for investors, regulating professionals in the securities industry and by providing a mechanism for registering complaints.
    (added October 2006)
  • Texas - State Securities Board
    The State Securities Board is responsible for regulating the securities industry in Texas. They register securities offered or sold in Texas and oversee the firms and individuals selling securities or providing investment advice to Texans. Through their Investor Education initiative, they help the fellow Texans become informed investors.
    (added October 2006)
  • Oklahoma - State Banking Department
    The State Departments of Banking regulate and supervise state-chartered banks. Many of them handle or refer problems and complaints about other types of financial institutions as well. Some also answer general questions about banking and consumer credit.
    (added October 2006)
  • Illinois - Securities Department
    The Illinois Securities Department is responsible for the regulation of the securities industry in Illinois and protection of investors by ensuring compliance with the law and investigating any complaints of fraud or improper practices. Administrative action taken by the department can be used to assist the investor if a civil action is filed.
    (added October 2006)

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