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A listing of news items, events, books, and publications on insurance.



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CA News & Special Reports

CA News Logo Affordable Care Act Issue (November 2013) In the Affordable Care Act Issue we cover the basics of Obamacare—including the new health insurance exchanges, required minimum services, enrollment, subsidies for low income individuals and families and more. Our Web Bonus articles (not included in the downloadable PDF), explore medical debt installment plans, scams around Obamacare and appealing your health insurer's decisions. (Wednesday, November 20, 2013)

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Five Recent Publications

Insuring yourself in the ‘sharing economy’

Insuring yourself in the ‘sharing economy’. The “sharing economy” can offer you new ways to earn, but, as with any business or self-employment venture, there are insurance issues to consider. This publication explains the potential risks associated with each type of “sharing,” what protection is typically available from the “platforms” that connect users, how your personal insurance may fall short, what your options are for full protection, and where to get more information.

California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (Japanese)

California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (Japanese). カリフォルニア州は、必要な所得条件を満たす優良ド ライバーが手頃な価格で自動車損害賠償責任保険に加入できるようこの制度を設置しました。この保険契約 はカリフォルニア州で営業資格を有する保険会社によっ て発行されます。カリフォルニア州法は、カリフォ ルニア州低価格自動車保険契約が賠償資力責任法を満 たすことを規定しています。

California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (Armenian)

California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (Armenian). The State of California has developed this program to provide income eligible, good drivers with access to affordable automobile liability insurance. The policies are issued by California licensed insurance companies. California state law provides that a California Low Cost Automobile Insurance policy satisfies financial responsibility laws.

California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (Russian)

California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (Russian). Программа, разработанная штатом Калифорния, позволяет ответственным водителям с уровнем дохода, соответствующим условиям программы, застраховать автогражданскую ответственность по доступной цене. Полисы выдаются страховыми компаниями, лицензированными в штате Калифорния. В соответствии сзаконодательством штата полис экономичного автострахования штата Калифорния отвечает законодательным нормам финансовой ответственности.

California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (Hmong)

California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (Hmong). Lub Xeev Kalifonias tau tsim txoj kev pabcuam fajseeb rau tsheb uas pheejyig no los rau cov tibneeg uas tsav tsheb zoo thiab khwv tau nyiaj los tsawg. Cov kev fajseeb (policies) no yog muag los ntawm cov koomhaum uas muaj laixees muag fajseeb tsheb nyob rau hauv Kalifonias. Lub xeev Kalifonias txoj kevcai hais tias ib Qhov Fajseeb Rau Tsheb hauv Kalifonias Uas Pheejyig xwb los yeej siv tau raws li txoj kevcai lawm.

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Scammed Cover ArtScammed  Once upon a time store prices were simple and fair, businesses stood behind their products with guarantees free of fine print and loopholes, and companies genuinely seemed to care about their valued customers—but those days are long gone. In his new exposé, consumer advocate Christopher…

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Recovering from Identity Theft Cover ArtThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Recovering from Identity Theft 

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States and in many cases the victim has no knowledge of the theft until the situation is dire. Even then, most people have no idea what to do to get their lives…

Busted Cover ArtBusted 

"Busted: Life Inside the Great Mortgage Meltdown" is a personal and journalistic look at the free-wheeling lending that led to our nation's housing crisis. A veteran New York Times economics reporter, Edmund L. Andrews was intimately aware of the dangers posed by easy mortgages…

Prescription for Real Health Care Reform Cover ArtPrescription for Real Health Care Reform 

Conversations on how to reform healthcare are long-standing and varied. But healthcare costs have soared, health insurance companies get richer and even those who pay dearly for health insurance frequently find that their policies don’t adequately cover them when they need their coverage most.

You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man Cover ArtYou Can’t Cheat an Honest Man 

Since the Bernard Madoff "Ponzi scheme" scandal broke, shocking investors and the Wall Street community, this insider's guide to investment rip-offs, scams and con artists has been in demand. The book, published in the late '90s, is designed to educate consumers and make them…

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