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CA News Logo Insurance Issue [Fall 2008] In the Fall 2008 issue, Consumer Action focuses on insurance. The results of an online poll reveal details about consumers and insurance coverage, including the downsides to filing a claim. Other topics include credit car rental car coverage, how to add "riders" to policies, the privacy implications of "pay-as-you-drive" insurance, increased FDIC deposit insurance, rental insurance and news of a new insurance web site created by Consumer Action. For much more, see the Table of Contents below. (Wednesday, November 12, 2008)

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Five Recent Publications

Good Credit - Build it and keep it (English)

Good Credit - Build it and keep it (English). A fact sheet that explains what a credit history is, how to get your credit report, how to establish good credit and where to complain if you have a problem.

Manage Your Money Wisely - Seminar Lesson Plan (English)

Manage Your Money Wisely - Seminar Lesson Plan (English). This PDF file provides guidance for teachers and team leaders. The 27-page packet contains a detailed curriculum, classroom activities and take home worksheets.

ID Theft & Account Fraud - Leader’s Guide

ID Theft & Account Fraud - Leader’s Guide. This 21-page backgrounder guide is written in question-and-answer format to help you anticipate frequently asked questions about identity theft and account fraud. Reading this guide can help prepare you for in-service or train-the-trainer presentations. Topics include an overview of ID theft and account fraud, how to prevent ID theft, advice for victims and helpful ID theft resources that you can use to find more information or to file complaints.

Managing Your Money - Leader’s Guide

Managing Your Money - Leader’s Guide. This guide can help you become a money management mentor. Once you understand the basics of money management, you'll be able to help others learn techniques that can make an important difference in their finances.

ID Theft & Account Fraud - Powerpoint Training Slides (Spanish)

ID Theft & Account Fraud - Powerpoint Training Slides (Spanish). El archivo de la presentación en PowerPoint del seminario Robo de identidad y fraude de cuentas está disponible en la sección "Download File".

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Scammed Cover ArtScammed  Once upon a time store prices were simple and fair, businesses stood behind their products with guarantees free of fine print and loopholes, and companies genuinely seemed to care about their valued customers—but those days are long gone. In his new exposé, consumer advocate Christopher…

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Recovering from Identity Theft Cover ArtThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Recovering from Identity Theft 

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States and in many cases the victim has no knowledge of the theft until the situation is dire. Even then, most people have no idea what to do to get their lives…

You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man Cover ArtYou Can’t Cheat an Honest Man 

Since the Bernard Madoff "Ponzi scheme" scandal broke, shocking investors and the Wall Street community, this insider's guide to investment rip-offs, scams and con artists has been in demand. The book, published in the late '90s, is designed to educate consumers and make them…

Ponzi Cover ArtPonzi 

Who was Ponzi, the man whose name is synonymous with the classic “rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul” scam where money from new investors goes to reward earlier ones? (It's the kind of scheme that Bernard Madoff recently used to rake in $50 billion from gullible folks all over…

The Truth About Avoiding Scams Cover ArtThe Truth About Avoiding Scams 

Scams have always been with us, and they always will be - except now, technology makes scammers' jobs even easier, enabling them to reach out from anywhere around the world, and take advantage of more people than ever before. No matter how smart you…

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