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  • FBI Director: Mortgage fraud is substantial. FBI Director Robert Mueller said Thursday that the agency is committed to investigating and prosecuting companies involved in mortgage fraud and other violations in connection
  • Contribuyente, exige reembolso del EITC. El Servicio de Impuestos Internos (IRS) ha hecho un llamamiento a determinados contribuyentes y los hispanos en particular para que reclamen el Crédito por
  • Los pensionados reciben ayuda. Un programa gubernamental, conocido como "hipoteca revertida", ayuda a miles de pensionados a los que se les hace cada día más difícil


  • IRS warns about tax rebate scam. Tax rebate checks courtesy of a proposed economic stimulus package have yet to be approved by Congress, but some scams are using the anticipation of
  • Credit card debt has its price. Easy credit is great. Except when it's too easy. Millions of people are now in danger of losing their homes as a result of the
  • These few years of 0% capital gains tax. This could be a bountiful year for taxpayers who play their cards right. That's because 2008 is the year that an unbelievable 0% federal income tax rate
  • FBI continues mortgage fraud probe. The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday said it is investigating 14 companies for possible fraud or insider trading violations in connection with loans made to
  • Housing hits trifecta of bad news. A series of reports out Tuesday sketched a bleak picture of the nation's residential real estate, with nearly 1.3 million homeowners in some state of foreclosure
  • Posible fraude por préstamos de riesgo. El FBI dijo el martes que está investigando a 14 empresas por posible fraude contable, abuso de información privilegiada y otras violaciones en conexión
  • Foreclosures up 75% in 2007. The number of foreclosures soared in 2007, with 405,000 households losing their home, according to a report released Tuesday. Total foreclosure filings soared 97% in December alone compared
  • Fracasa reforma para la salud. La reforma de salud que pretendía hacer obligatorio el seguro médico en California y dar cobertura al 70% de los 6.5 millones de no asegurados
  • Cybercrooks grow even more crafty. The Chinese Year of the Rat begins next week. In the cyberunderground, it is already shaping up to be the Year of the Clever Rat,
  • Take precautions against online fraud. Here's a modern set of resolutions: Exercise more, eat healthfully, recycle and don't answer e-mail from Nigeria. Frauds are part of life in the digital

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