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  • Gas price jumps to an average of $3.5 one gallon (Chinese). 【明報專訊】根據美國能源信息管理局(EIA)的數字顯示,全國普通汽油的平均價格在21日創下了最新的紀錄,達到了每加侖3.5元,超過了經過通貨膨脹調整後1981年3月創下的每加侖3.4元紀錄。 據《今日美國報》21日報道,美國汽車協會和油價信息服務機構報告稱,21日美國的普通汽油平均價格為3.5元,僅一晚上就上升了1.2美分。這次是油價第一次超過每加侖3.5元。
  • New fuel economy rules to be released. The government on Tuesday plans to release a proposal to raise fuel efficiency standards for new cars and trucks, putting the nation's fleet on track
  • Renters can't escape foreclosure crisis. On a chilly night after work last November, Christopher and Jenell Chow relaxed, watching the evening news while their children scampered around their rented two-story
  • Préstamos del día de pago. La restricción del crédito y el alto índice de desempleo entre hispanos y negros en Estados Unidos han reavivado el debate sobre los
  • Debt may be a factor in suspicious fires. Some folks celebrate their last home mortgage payment by setting fire to their loan agreement. Lately, some people behind on their mortgages are simply setting
  • Green funerals make for eco-exits. LONDON — It's no longer enough to live a greener life — now people are being encouraged to be environmentally friendly when they leave the Earth too.
  • Sending less money home to Mexico. The U.S. economic downturn and tightened border controls have begun to alter the rhythms of undocumented migrants who used to move back and forth
  • Teaching kids early about banking. Kids know money doesn't grow on trees. But some of them believe it grows out of that machine in the wall. They see their parents
  • Student loan bill passes U.S. House. The House, trying to avert a looming shortage in available student loans, approved a measure allowing the Department of Education to buy federally guaranteed loans
  • Fed drafting new credit card rules. The Federal Reserve later this spring will propose new rules to prohibit "unfair or deceptive credit card practices," such as arbitrary interest-rate increases and double-cycle
  • Retailers caught in a wave of bankruptcies. The consumer spending slump and tightening credit markets are unleashing a widening wave of bankruptcies in American retailing, prompting thousands of store closings that are
  • Poll: Housing woes won't end soon. A growing majority say they won't buy a home anytime soon, the latest sign of increasing pessimism about the nation's housing crisis, a poll showed
  • Online banking satisfaction up. Banks have been disappointing customers many ways lately — tightening mortgage lending standards, paring back home-equity and credit-card lines and lowering savings interest rates — but they're

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