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CA News & Special Reports Archive



  • Consumer Action INSIDER - September 2015.
    The September issue of the Consumer Action INSIDER offers information on CFPB activities and updates on coalition efforts and class action lawsuits. It also provides new and improved publications to help consumers shop for and choose the best auto loan (and exercise their rights should their auto purchase prove to be a lemon). In addition, the newsletter features stories on excessive and unfair car rental taxes; charity scams; Consumer Action's upcoming national conference; a fascinating new book on watchdogs and whistleblowers; and Consumer Action's recent homeownership workshop.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - August 2015.
    The August issue of the Consumer Action INSIDER offers updates on CFPB activities and information on coalition efforts, legislative actions and amicus briefs in which Consumer Action has participated. It also features a story about a man who escaped a predatory auto loan; an update on a number of mini-grants designed to financially educate underserved consumers; information on how credit card payments are applied; an introduction to the U.S. Treasury’s public retirement program; and a summary of our new SCAM GRAM e-newsletter.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - July 2015.
    The July issue of the Consumer Action INSIDER offers updates on CFPB activities, class action lawsuits under which you might be eligible to make a claim, coalition efforts in which Consumer Action has participated, and the FCC’s recent decision regarding robocalls. It also contains part two of a series on retirement planning that began in the May issue, and an announcement about Consumer Action’s move to a new office in San Francisco’s Civic Center area.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - June 2015.
    The June issue of the INSIDER features articles on the L.A. premiere of a documentary about the ill effects on consumers of binding mandatory arbitration clauses, the increased scrutiny of for-profit colleges by the U.S. Department of Education, California legislation that would establish a state earned income tax credit for low income working individuals and families, and financial inclusion train-the-trainer events recently hosted by Consumer Action. Hotline Chronicles features a complaint about a third-party installment plan offered by some major retail chains.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - May 2015.
    This month's Consumer Action INSIDER brings you articles about Consumer Action's recognition as an innovative consumer advocacy group, a financial fraud toolkit for advocates, our San Francisco office move, recent actions at the CFPB and a run-down on what we've been working on in coalitions. In this issue, a series on planning for retirement begins, and Hotline Chronicles looks at technical college degrees that don't help students find jobs.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - April 2015.
    This month's INSIDER brings you stories on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau plan to allow complainants to share their "stories" with the public, how people without Social Security numbers can still request free annual credit reports, a new class action open for claims, and a new educational package on automobile insurance released by Consumer Action. Hotline Chronicles looks at a case of a disgruntled mortgage holder who paid on time but is still being hounded for his payments.
  • Automotive recalls issue (Winter 2014-2015).
    Consumer Action's newsletter reports on used cars under safety recall that are sold without recall problems being repaired. The problem affects dealership "loaner" cars and rental vehicles as well.

    This issue is available in bulk for non-profit or government agencies to distribute for educational purposes. You can order this issue by downloading the order form here and fill in your details.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - March 2015.
    The March 2015 issue of Consumer Action INSIDER features stories about our work on California legislative issues, new class actions and a look at credit scores and medical debt discussed at the most recent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau consumer advisory board meeting. Hotline Chronicles tells the tale of two consumers who had trouble getting their cell phones unlocked—a new option that major wireless carriers have agreed to provide to subscribers who are no longer under contracts.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - February 2015.
    This month’s INSIDER includes 2014 complaint statistics for our free consumer hotline, the latest additions to the Class Action Database, the announcement of our just-published FY2014 annual report, and a summary of Consumer Action’s comments to the CFPB on its language access plan. Hotline Chronicles offers timely tips for avoiding a bad tax preparer and expensive tax refund products.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - January 2015.
    This month's INSIDER features the fifth annual Consumer Action's National Conference, forced arbitration and the Hotline Chronicles. The Hotline Chronicles reviews bill collectors contacting family members.



  • Consumer Action INSIDER - December 2014.
    This month's INSIDER features stories, among others, on the disappointing "gainful employment" rule for for-profit vocational colleges, new class actions, two new free consumer education publications and a petition drive to ask large banks to stop using pre-dispute, mandatory arbitration clauses. Hotline Chronicles looks at the "right to cancel" and when it applies.


  • Specialty Consumer Reports Issue (Fall 2014).
    Consumer Action has compiled information for consumers about "specialty consumer reports.” Like credit reports, these specialized consumer reports gather details about individuals to help companies predict a customer’s risk level to a business. But the existence of these “specialty” reports is not well known among consumers, who stand to lose the most if the reports contain errors or omissions.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - November 2014.
    This month's INSIDER brings you articles about our annual fundraiser and awards ceremony, new MoneyWi$e webinars, our recent coalition efforts to push back efforts by title insurers to roll back regulations, and recent train-the-trainer events, among other topics. Hotline Chronicles looks at why consumers find themselves paying equipment leasing fees to cable companies.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - October 2014.
    This month's edition of INSIDER brings you stories about proposals to improve consumer protections for servicemembers, what to do when an ATM does not dispense cash but says it did, using online tools to improve financial security, a campaign to improve public information from complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and more.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - September 2014.
    This month's INSIDER brings you article on a new consumer educational resource for service members and veterans, efforts to end mandatory arbitration clauses in consumer contracts that keep customers from bringing disputes in court, and a campaign to ensure that used cars at a major dealer have all recalled issues repaired before sale. In addition, Hotline Chronicles features a cautionary tale about a scam in which callers pretend to be from the Internal Revenue Service to scare you into giving them bank and credit card information and we explain Consumer Action's translation services for government, non-profits and corporations.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - August 2014.
    The August issue of Consumer Action INSIDER brings you news of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's field hearing in El Paso, TX last month, at which it introduced a proposal to allow consumers to publicly share the stories behind the complaints they submit to the consumer watchdog agency. Other items in the issue include an update on work we are doing to protect and strengthen the rights of career education student loan borrowers, an account of the series of trainings we conducted on financial inclusion and an introduction to a program that leverages a myriad of stakeholders to lead people out of poverty. Hotline Chronicles presents information on whether Social Security numbers are a requirement to get a credit card.


  • Medical Credit Card Survey Issue (Summer 2014).
    Being able to borrow the money for a medical or dental procedure rather than deplete savings or forgo needed care sounds like a great option—even better if the lender touts a 0% interest rate. Consumer Action surveyed seven medical credit cards and a handful of medical loan products, some of which offer “interest free” patient financing. See how they stacked up and what you need to know about deferred-interest financing promotions in the Medical Credit Card Survey issue of Consumer Action News.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - July 2014.
    The July issue of Consumer Action INSIDER brings you stories about our Financial Inclusion trainings, employee volunteerism, a roundup of our coalition efforts, a new class action settlement in a case brought against Ticketmaster over excessive fees, and a Hotline Chronicles case of entrapment in the "jewelry of the month club." And that's not all!
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - June 2014.
    This month's INSIDER features stories, among others, about our new Corporate Advisory Board, addressing complaints with the Post Office, Consumer Action's recent and upcoming privacy-related activities and an action alert to press the Department of Education to ensure that vocational colleges really prepare students for "gainful employment."


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - May 2014.
    This month's INSIDER offers stories on our updated Directory of Credit-building Loan Programs, our presence at the National Consumer Protection Week fair, a roundup of our coalition work and new additions to our Class Action Database, among other articles. Also in this issue, Hotline Chronicles finds that a "gift card" is not always a gift card.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - April 2014.
    The new issue of INSIDER brings you stories about what Consumer Action staffers have been up to, including a new insurance resource for entrepreneurs, a Hotline Chronicles story about one man's disappointing experience with electric deregulation, reports of our financial literacy outreach at a Southern California military base and a round-up of the variety of hotline complaints we received last year.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - March 2014.
    This month, the INSIDER brings you stories about weaknesses in the "safe harbor" for international data sharing, how a family can tackle a hefty emergency room bill, monitoring your "digital footprint", new class actions, educating seniors on health care fraud and more.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - February 2014.
    This month’s INSIDER unveils our newly designed Class Action Database and features a Hotline Chronicles piece on stop payments. It also contains articles about what happened at our National Consumer Empowerment Conference in November, a look back at how our MoneyWi$e financial literacy program has evolved over the years, and our newly updated publication on sending money abroad (remittances). We’ve also added a periodic “CFPB Watch” feature to monitor all the great work being done by our colleagues at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - January 2014.
    Consumer Action INSIDER kicks off 2014 with stories about "advertorials' and how they deceive consumers, problems with payday loans, ID needed to open a bank account and an online forum on personal financial health after the recession.



  • Consumer Action INSIDER - December 2013.
    This month's INSIDER features stories on efforts to protect military personnel and veterans from financial exploitation, our outreach to an innovative job training program in an underprivileged neighborhood of San Francisco, efforts to ensure that trade talks between the United States and the European Union don't harm consumer rights, how Consumer Action is pushing back against postal reform and how one consumer was put out by a vocational school's failure to live up to its promises.

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