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CA News & Special Reports Archive



  • Consumer Action Insider - December 2010.
    This issue of Consumer Action INSIDER includes stories about our first annual Financial Empowerment Conference, the outcome of a service grant we received from the Taproot Foundation and a consumer's experience with a "free trial" that was anything but free.


  • Consumer Action Insider - November 2010.
    This issue of Consumer Action INSIDER includes stories about a lawsuit that is challenging class action prohibitions in consumer contracts, legislation to give student loan debtors the right to file bankruptcy, outreach efforts around housing and credit cards, and scams targeting to people looking for love on the Internet.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - September 2010.
    The September issue of INSIDER contains articles on the recent activities of Consumer Action and its staff. This month we share stories about the awardees in our mini-grants program, a fraud we uncovered in the Chinese speaking community in San Francisco and our training activities in the Lone Star state, among other news.





  • 2009 Fall Issue.
    The Fall 2009 issue of Consumer Action News looks at gift cards—including an explanation of new gift card protections coming next year—and examines prepaid cards, which are alternatives to traditional credit and debit cards. The issue also contains news of Consumer Action's June 2009 fundraising event and notes about recipients of our annual Consumer Excellence Awards as well as a list of all donors and educational partners.


  • 2009 Credit Card Survey.
    Consumer Action's 2009 Credit Card Survey contains information on credit card rates, fees, terms and industry practices for 39 cards from 22 issuers.


  • Health Care Action Issue [Spring 2009].
    The Health Care Action Issue features articles on heath care reform, how to get health coverage, health savings accounts, new help for laid-off workers with COBRA premiums, tips to control health care costs and a bold health coverage experiment in San Francisco.


  • 2008-2009 Winter Issue: Dealing With Debt.
    The Dealing With Debt Issue of Consumer Action News focuses on the current state of indebtedness in the U.S. and how consumers can take charge and avoid long-term financial damage.



  • Insurance Issue [Fall 2008].
    In the Fall 2008 issue, Consumer Action focuses on insurance. The results of an online poll reveal details about consumers and insurance coverage, including the downsides to filing a claim. Other topics include credit car rental car coverage, how to add "riders" to policies, the privacy implications of "pay-as-you-drive" insurance, increased FDIC deposit insurance, rental insurance and news of a new insurance web site created by Consumer Action. For much more, see the Table of Contents below.


  • 2008 Summer Issue.
    This issue of Consumer Action News focuses on credit cards, and includes the results of an online poll by Consumer Action which show that card issuers will lower your credit limit under some circumstances. Other stories include a run-down on our 2008 Credit Card Survey, rewards cards, credit cards from credit unions, foreign transaction fees and more.


  • 2008 Credit Card Survey.
    Consumer Action's 2008 Credit Card Survey examines 41 cards from 22 financial institutions, including the top 10 U.S. credit card issuers, six low-rate issuers and six large credit unions.


  • Internet Commerce Issue [Spring 2008].
    This issue of Consumer Action News covers many aspects of doing business online, including payment methods, privacy, tips for security, Internet auctions, favorite e-tailer sites and sources of advice and information.


  • Debt Collection Issue [Winter 2007-2008].
    The Winter 2007-2008 edition of Consumer Action focuses on debt collection from a consumer viewpoint. The issue contains stories about: potential updates to the law that protects people from abusive debt collections; consumer rights to fair debt collection; how to correct inaccurate collections accounts; how to get information about who's collecting the debt, and how to deal with collections fraud.



  • 2007 Credit Card Survey.
    Consumer Action's 2007 Credit Card Survey was conducted between Oct. 9, 2006 and March 2, 2007. Consumer Action examined 83 cards from 20 banks, including the top 10 U.S. credit card issuers. In our new report we detail our findings on change of terms provisions, penalty rate policies, balance transfer costs and offers, fees to pay by phone and to make last-minute payments online, cash advance costs, residual interest and two-cycle billing, minimum ages for authorized users, rewards cards, arbitration clauses and minimum payment formulas.



  • 2005 Credit Card Survey.
    Consumer Action examined 146 cards from 47 issuers for its 2005 Credit Card Survey and documented top reasons that lead banks to impose high universal default and penalty rates, as well as details on fees, cash advance and default APRs, introductory rates on purchases and cash advances, arbitration policies, balance calculation methods and more.



  • 2004 Credit Card Survey.
    Consumer Action examined 140 cards from 45 issuers for its 2004 Credit Card Survey and documented increased penalty fees and rates, "zero interest" introductory offers, cash advance rates, currency conversion fees and rewards cards, among other details of interest to cardholders.


  • 2003 Credit Card Survey.
    Consumer Action surveyed 143 credit cards issued by 47 companies and found growing costs and an increase in anti-consumer practices.


  • 2002 Credit Card Survey.
    Consumer Action surveyed 126 credit cards issued by 42 companies and found growing costs and an increase in anti-consumer practices.



  • 2001 Credit Card Survey.
    Consumer Action surveyed 109 credit cards issued by 45 companies and found growing costs and an increase in anti-consumer practices.



  • 2000 Financial Checklist Issue.
    This issue of CA News was designed to help you update your personal finances. Get help saving money and sorting out bank fees, credit reports, estate planning, insurance, income tax withholding, investments, and credit card costs.


  • 1999 - 2000 Credit Card Survey.
    In this issue, you'll find CA's annual pricing survey of 105 credit cards from 63 banks, as well as the 10 lowest rate cards CA found. Also, there are stories on getting information from help lines and card issuers' web sites.



  • EBT /EFT Update (1998).
    In this publication on Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) you will find the latest news from the U.S. Department of Treasury's EFT rule-making process, reports about current state EBT programs, information about direct deposit and low-cost bank account options and other news.

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