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  • Well-heeled find surprisingly good fit at Goodwill. Of course they don't shop at Goodwill, the women said. At least that was their line at the start of the French Embassy event Thursday night. Buy secondhand couture? A toss of salon-fresh hair accompanied
  • FTC settlement shines light on bad practices. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers have dominated recent headlines, but a little-noticed $28 million settlement earlier this month between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and what's left of Bear Stearns symbolizes the
  • Central banks move to restore confidence. A consortium of the world's major central banks this morning pumped $180 billion into global financial markets, an effort to ensure banks have access to enough cash and to jumpstart a system that had virtually ground
  • Era of easy credit comes to abrupt end. The years of easy money were fun while they lasted. Banks and credit card providers were so flush with cash that they could help virtually anyone — including many who had trouble juggling their bills — pay
  • AIG Insurance: How am I affected?. The financial problems at American International Group Inc. may be causing you great concern if you hold an AIG life, health, home or auto insurance policy, or have an annuity with the company. Insurance industry
  • Learn to discern between good and bad advice. If your e-mail inbox is like mine, it's filling up with tips on how to handle the crisis on Wall Street. Given the turmoil, this is prime time for scams, bogus business opportunities and questionable
  • How safe is your money fund?. The strains on the Reserve Primary Money Market Fund have prompted investors to ask whether their own money-market funds could be at risk. Money-market funds are not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance
  • What market tumult means for us. The stunning events rattling the financial markets are raising a lot of questions about the average person's finances. We talked to several experts to find some answers. Q: What if I have a life insurance
  • Qué hacer después de un huracán. Todos sabemos que un huracán arrasa. Pero también es cierto que, después de su paso, es mucho lo que podemos hacer para recuperarnos de los daños, reorganizar la casa y la
  • Prepaid debit cards marketed to students. Many colleges have tightened rules on credit-card marketing on campus in order to discourage students from racking up huge amounts of debt. Now another kind of card is being pushed on campus - with its
  • The effects of credit crisis at home. The turmoil sweeping through the financial markets has left many people worried about their own stocks, bank accounts, and retirement funds. The tottering of investment bank Lehman Brothers, the weakening cash position of AIG, and
  • Fed moves to deal with financial crisis. The Federal Reserve announced late Sunday several steps to cope with the worst credit crisis in decades, including broadening the types of assets that investment banks can put up to get emergency loans from the
  • Deja de vivir de cheque en cheque. Aún faltan algunos días para que se acabe el mes y tu presupuesto está a punto de terminarse. ¿Cuántos podrían identificarse con esta situación? Según la última encuesta de
  • Mantén el mejor historial de crédito. Una vez que hayas establecido tu historial crediticio, deberías seguir estos consejos básicos para mantener y desarrollar el mejor historial que puedas. Paciencia y moderación 1. Sé paciente; no aceptes todas las ofertas
  • FHA loans enjoy a boom. It was the mortgage of last resort when home sales were booming. Buyers balked at the paperwork. Sellers hated the home-repair rules. What a difference a housing bust makes. "Now, it's almost automatic that it's
  • Phone giant buries consumer rights in 'guidebook'. AT&T has sent customers an 8,000-word service agreement that, among other things, says people will be given 30-day notice of price increases only when "commercially reasonable" and that you can't sue the company. Oh,
  • Your bank in your pocket. Property manager Joshua Rosenthal was in a car headed toward Miami Beach when he realized he needed to transfer a tenant's rent money to his company's account. No problem. The driver didn't even have to
  • "Papelitos" que valen una fortuna. Nunca se me olvida la ocasión en que, en un programa de la tele, vi el caso de una señora extremadamente ahorrativa que compartió con el público cómo fue que logró

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