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  • Amplían rescate inmobiliario. El gobierno federal autorizó ayer a Freddie Mac y Fannie Mae, las más grandes operadoras hipotecarias del país, a reducir sus reservas estratégicas, con el fin de usar el capital cautivo para
  • Temor a más fraudes hipotecarios. Expertos en el mercado de bienes raíces temen que la ayuda económica aprobada por el gobierno federal para aliviar el sector inmobiliario, aunado a las diversas rebajas en tasas de interés adoptadas
  • Efforts to block Junk mail slowed. Chris Pearson, a state legislator in Vermont, had a sense that the people were with him when he proposed a bill last November to allow residents to block junk mail. He got media attention, radio
  • Democrats draft plans for distressed homeowners. After the collapse over the weekend of one of Wall Street's biggest investment banks, Democrats in Congress said they plan to move quickly on legislation aimed at stabilizing financial markets by helping as many as 2
  • Even seemingly reliable e-mail is vulnerable. You can no longer trust Office or QuickTime files that arrive in e-mail, even from organizations and people you deal with regularly. For that matter, any file from a popular software application, sent by e-mail
  • A good name dragged down. One man went into a Glen Burnie, Md., Toyota dealership to buy a car, only to be told that a name check revealed he was on a U.S. Treasury Department watchlist of suspected terrorists
  • Behind cheaper credit, inflation fears loom. The Federal Reserve Board's rate cut yesterday increased the chances that months of Fed moves could start to trickle down to homeowners in time to ease the pain when adjustable-rate mortgages reset this year. And
  • Ordenan cierre de seis firmas hipotecarias. La Oficina del Procurador General del estado de California clausuró ayer seis oficinas hipotecarias de la zona metropolitana de Los Ángeles, alegando que los dueños emplearon métodos ilícitos para ofrecer "préstamos
  • Why mortgage rates are still heading higher. The Federal Reserve is likely to cut interest rates again Tuesday, but don't expect mortgage rates to go down too. In fact, home loans could be heading higher. Consider recent history: The Fed issued an
  • Fed takes on a wider role. The Federal Reserve's extraordinary move to rescue a tanking investment giant and expand its emergency lending appeared to pay off Monday. Although most U.S. markets showed fresh signs of strain, none snapped, and while
  • Americans start seeing tax rebates in May. The first of more than 130 million economic stimulus payments from Washington are scheduled to be sent to Americans' mailboxes or bank accounts starting May 2, the IRS said Monday. The payments, expected to be issued through
  • End of cheap credit hits homes, businesses. Mounting turmoil in credit markets could realign the finances of households and businesses, as banks scramble to bolster their balance sheets and jettison risky customers. For consumers, it could mean fewer credit card offers. For
  • Falsas declaraciones de impuestos. Nuevo fraude de robo de identidad Los ladrones de identidad han encontrado una nueva forma de hacerse con el dinero de los ciudadanos: rellenar una declaración de impuestos con el nombre y número
  • Acceso a la vivienda, problema mundial. La crisis de las hipotecas de alto riesgo (subprime) en Estados Unidos es apenas la punta del iceberg del problema de la vivienda en el mundo y una consecuencia del modelo económico que privilegia
  • Florecen ‘bancos de los pobres’. Las herramientas de trabajo de cientos de obreros hispanos han dejado de sonar en los talleres para atiborrar y adornar los brillantes escaparates de las casas de empeño. El desempleo, el peor en casi
  • College debit card deals scrutinized. The ID card at Portland State University in Oregon has long been the key to campus life, allowing students to check out books, get into buildings and access their meal plans. A few years ago,
  • Fed cuts key interest rate, extends new credit. The Federal Reserve took dramatic action on multiple fronts last night to avert a crisis of the global financial system, backing the acquisition of wounded investment firm Bear Stearns and increasing the flow of money
  • Easy loans are tougher to find. From the vantage point of his small Mumbai jewelry and pawnbroking shop, Raju Soni has gained a special insight into the state of India's credit market over the last six months. Low earners, who only
  • Sub-prime mortgage watchdogs kept on leash. They could see the meltdown coming. Freelance financial watchdogs who examined the paperwork on sub-prime home loans being sold to Wall Street had an inside view of the boom in easy-money lending this decade. The

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