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  • A watchdog whitewashed its oversight of FEMA’s disaster response. After catastrophic floodwaters submerged wide stretches of southern Louisiana in 2016, displaced homeowners and officials criticized the federal recovery effort as dangerously slow, leaving thousands of people homeless for months. The watchdog concluded that FEMA&rsquo
  • A blow against bogus stem cell clinics. In an important ruling protecting public health, a federal judge in Miami on Monday backed the Food and Drug Administration in its campaign to rein in stem cell clinics offering unproven and potentially hazardous &ldquo
  • Travelers are bombarded by scams like these. On foreign territory, we are more susceptible to deceptions. To help you spot the hoaxes, the Washington Post created a visual list with explanations of 10 of the most common scams around the world.
  • What is postal banking?. When discussing the benefits of postal banking, advocates and legislators often focus on how the system will benefit people of color. In her proposal last year, Gillibrand wrote that establishing a postal bank


  • Google relies on temps who outnumber full-timers. High-tech companies have long promoted the idea that they are egalitarian, idyllic workplaces. And Google, perhaps more than any other, has represented that image, with a reputation for enviable salaries and benefits and lavish perks.
  • N.Y. regulator to investigate exposure of mortage documents. A New York State financial regulator is investigating a security vulnerability at First American Financial Corporation, a title insurance company, that exposed an estimated 885 million records related to mortgage deals. The inquiry, by the Department

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