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  • Getting a handle on alternative minimum tax. The complicated IRS provision was intended for the very wealthy -- but many more will pay if Congress doesn't reach a solution. Congress is trying to amend the tax code to keep millions of Americans
  • Data theft more than triples this year. SEATTLE — Thieves are systematically pilfering sensitive personal data from companies, government agencies, colleges and hospitals like never before. More than 162 million records have been reported lost or stolen in 2007, triple the 49.7 million that went missing
  • Expecting the expenses of parenthood. Like most new parents, my wife and I didn't need much time to become acquainted with hindsight. We should have slept more before Sam was born. We should have fed him before taking him to
  • With home in the balance. From Faith Etheridge's tidy office in Frederick [MD], you can see the national foreclosure crisis unfold. And, sometimes, you can see a particular foreclosure stopped. Etheridge works with troubled borrowers who ask for help from
  • Home buying: Up pops a higher price tag. Real estate agent Carol Temple vowed not to let her clients lose the sale. But she had to admit that the prospects looked bad: The buyers for her clients' home showed up at the closing
  • Mortgage fees rise for once-prime borrowers. Call it the credit risk hangover after the housing boom binge. Home buyers and refinancers who cannot come up with sizable down payments and whose FICO credit scores are below 680 are about to get squeezed
  • Subprime ARM reset agreement reached. resident Bush will announce this afternoon an agreement with major mortgage firms to freeze interest rates for five years for financially troubled homeowners - a plan advocates say will help forestall a major foreclosure crisis
  • AT&T opens its wireless networks. Starting immediately, AT&T (T) customers can ditch their AT&T phones and use any wireless phone, device and software application from any maker — think smartphones, e-mail and music downloading. And they don't have to
  • FBI to heighten mortgage fraud probes. The FBI today will launch a mortgage fraud task force in its Washington field office, joining a widening net of state and local investigators digging into the market crisis. Investigators are seeking to uncover evidence
  • Fuel efficiency target of 35 MPH is likely. Congress is on the verge of approving an increase in fuel efficiency standards that automakers have fought for more than two decades, and a central player was the auto industry's fiercest champion, Rep. John D.
  • Business credit reports: facts and myths. How much do you know about business credit reporting in general and your small firm's credit report and score in particular? Take this true-or-false quiz to gauge your business credit intelligence. You may be surprised
  • En camino la ayuda para salvar hipotecas. La ayuda que muchas familias a través de todo el país necesitan para no perder sus casas podría llegar a más tardar hoy jueves, cuando se espera que el gobierno federal
  • AMT 'patch' seems unlikely this term. uring the hectic, closing weeks of this session of Congress, leaders of both parties say they are determined to pass legislation that would prevent 23 million middle-income Americans from being hit with a tax increase originally
  • Credit card execs defend practices. Check your holiday credit card bills closely. Some credit card companies are raising interest rates on good customers even if they pay down their balances, on time, every month. The reason they cite is that
  • Check scams thrive, especially online. Check schemes are spreading across the USA as scamsters exploit the popularity of online auction, dating and social-networking sites to find victims. The scams have grown so prevalent that the Postal Inspection Service has launched
  • Don't let the ID theft grich steal Christmas. What do Santa Claus, the Rockettes and identity thieves have in common? They all work overtime during the holidays. Especially identity thieves. About 8.3 million adults, or 3.7% of the adult population, were victims of identity theft
  • Credit counselors take center stage. In the middle of his speech yesterday on the administration's efforts to fix the mortgage crisis, Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. paused to carefully spell out a toll-free telephone number that troubled homeowners can
  • Senate highlights unfair credit card rate hikes. Today the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations held a hearing, "Credit Card Practices: Unfair Interest Rate Increases" to examine the circumstances under which credit card issuers may increase the interest rates of cardholders who are
  • Senate scrutinizes credit cards. Credit-card issuers defended their interest-rate-setting policies as consumers told lawmakers about how sudden changes in those rates have burdened them at a Senate hearing Tuesday. A subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and
  • Credit card practices denounced. Congress is renewing its scrutiny of the credit card industry, as some lawmakers denounce the practice of raising customers' interest rates when their credit scores decline, even if they make their card payments on time.

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