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  • Credit cards at the tipping point. Dire times are coming for consumers who hold credit cards and the banks that issue them, according to a report released Tuesday. The report by the research firm Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, titled "Credit Cards
  • Wall Street's turn to bolster confidence. Now, what was that about Hank Paulson having blown it? How he foolishly let Lehman Brothers go under and started a chain reaction that quickly turned into a financial meltdown? How he was so focused
  • Large, new stimulus package considered. With fears rising that the nation stands on the precipice of a prolonged recession, House Democrats are contemplating a huge infusion of public cash -- as much as $300 billion -- to stoke economic growth by
  • Both sides of the aisle see more regulation. For 30 years, the nation’s political system has been tilted in favor of business deregulation and against new rules. But that is about to change, now that the government has been forced to intervene in
  • $250 billion bank investment plan. President George Bush said this morning that the administration's "unprecedented and aggressive" plan to partly nationalize nine major banks was an "essential short term measure to ensure the viability " of a battered financial system. With
  • Angst is rising, but therapy costs too much. In the latest sign of the deepening economic crisis, more people are considering cutting back on their mental-health therapy, even as they become more stressed. Across the country, psychiatrists and psychologists say they are seeing
  • Poll finds financial anxiety is growing. Americans' confidence in their own financial security has tumbled alongside dizzying declines in stock prices and home values, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Less than half now believe they will have enough
  • Heavy debts lead some to commit insurance fraud. Burdened by debt and driving home from a night of gambling in West Virginia, Sergio Lopez launched a scheme that at the time must have seemed like a good idea. He pulled his Volkswagen Jetta
  • Many cancer patients forgo care because of cost. At a time when they're already fighting for their lives, more cancer patients are now struggling to pay for their medicines. One in eight people with advanced cancer turned down recommended care because of the
  • Consigue una modificación del préstamo. Addie Polk no quiso abrirle la puerta a la policía que venía a desalojarla. Hacía meses que no podía pagar la hipoteca que había financiado varias veces desde 1997, tres añ
  • Todo el dinero perdido ¿a dónde fue?. Billones de dólares en el valor de las acciones han desaparecido. Billones de dólares en inversiones de ahorro se han esfumado. Una gran proporción del dinero pagado por la vivienda en la
  • Financial salvation? Why, it's in the mail!. One of the truly delirious joys I get out of this job is receiving mail from readers - especially the ones who send me those succinct, six-page, single-spaced letters griping about a business or the
  • Bailout has tax breaks for us. The mega-bailout package for Wall Street also contains about $150 billion in tax breaks for the rest of us. Some are new, but many are tax breaks that had either lapsed or were near expiration and
  • Consignment sales rise as economy falters. Patricia Ohlemiller packed up her Edmund Scientific Astroscan telescope last week and headed to the Gaithersburg iSold It eBay drop-off center. She hoped to recoup $150, minus commission, of its original $350 value. Planning to retire next
  • Tidal wave of foreclosures and bankruptcy reform. A wave of foreclosures will crest next year, forcing the new Congress to take up bankruptcy reform in 2009. At issue is a provision that prohibits judges from ordering banks to renegotiate mortgage terms with homeowners
  • Investors, bankers have lost confidence. With its alphabet soup of CDO and CDS and TAF and TARP, the current financial crisis can seem hopelessly complex. But it really boils down to one word: confidence. The global financial system is grinding
  • Mixed signals for mortgage giants. Reading the latest report from the federal regulator running mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could give you whiplash. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had said at the end of June that they
  • Law equalizes coverage for mental care. An estimated 113 million Americans, including hundreds of thousands in the Washington region, will receive better insurance coverage for their mental health and substance abuse problems because of landmark legislation that for the first time requires
  • The Next meltdown: credit-card debt. The troubles sound familiar. Borrowers falling behind on their payments. Defaults rising. Huge swaths of loans souring. Investors getting burned. But forget the now-familiar tales of mortgages gone bad. The next horror for beaten-down financial

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