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Consumer Action's MoneyWi$e educational materials have moved to our Managing Money Project website. Here you may view, download and order bulk copies of the MoneyWi$e materials. Please make a note of the Managing Money Project address— www.managing-money.org —and add it to your address book.




  • Compras de la temporada navideña. No son escasos los consumidores que dejan las compras de festividades para último momento y terminan gastando más de lo que habían anticipado. Este año propóngase hacer las cosas de una
  • Long-term insurance: Worth its weight?. Tom Binder wanted to prepare for the future - including the possibility that he or his wife could be stricken by a long, debilitating illness in their sunset years. "I don't think it's a good
  • Struggling with less. Layoffs and subsequent lower-paying jobs have taken a toll on Terri and Kevin Beirne of Orlando, Fla. Four years ago, they both were laid off briefly within a few weeks of each other. They missed
  • Group aims at credit predators. A national consumer advocacy group called on Congress Thursday to pass legislation halting the growth of a particularly abusive type of credit card that targets vulnerable consumers with poor credit histories. Advertised on television and
  • Rest easier with estate planning. It wasn't until after Eleanor Barkelew got married a second time that she grappled with estate planning. She and her husband each had a child from a previous marriage, and the couple didn't want to
  • Fed issues rules combating identity theft. U.S. financial regulators and the Federal Trade Commission said on Wednesday they will soon publish final rules designed to detect "red flags" when consumers are at risk of identity theft. "These rules provide consumers
  • FCC approves cable competition for apartments. Federal regulators on Wednesday approved a rule that would ban exclusive agreements that cable television operators have with apartment buildings, opening up competition for other video providers that could eventually lead to lower prices. The


  • Fed cuts key rate another quarter-point. The Federal Reserve cut a key short-term interest rate by a quarter-point to 4.5% on Wednesday, seeking to support troubled financial markets and shore up the collapsing housing sector. The central bank also warned markets not
  • House approves 7-year ban on internet tax. The House approved a bill yesterday to bar states from taxing Internet access through 2014, clearing the way for President Bush to sign the measure into law before the current ban expires tomorrow. The unanimous vote
  • FCC likely to end exclusive cable deals. When several Loudoun County neighborhoods were built five years ago, a Dulles company won long-term exclusive contracts to provide cable service to hundreds of residents. At the time, OpenBand Multimedia was the only company willing
  • Goodwill: Cheap can also be chic. Like other fashion bloggers, Em Hall dispenses advice on matters such as the appropriate cut for ankle boots, pairing floral patterns with polka dots and how to wear a three-piece suit. The twist? Many of
  • Federal government pushed on Plain English. Gobbledygook. It's the stuff of government. Maybe its No. 1 export. Now, a first-term House member, Bruce Braley (D-Iowa), wants to do away with the wordy, pompous and confusing forms and memos that spew out of
  • CPSC faces restraints in ATV recall. In June, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued an unusual warning about a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle designed for children, calling it "defective and dangerous." "Children are at risk of injury or death due to multiple
  • Not wise to bail out reckless investors. Last summer, the bill started to come due on our debt-fueled economy. We should have let it - and let reckless speculators, subprime lenders and banks finally get what they had coming. But instead, the
  • FHA reform: Stuck in neutral?. Distress in the mortgage market is generating a wave of relief bills on Capitol Hill, including one that would allow homeowners to tap into their retirement accounts - penalty-free - to bring their loans current
  • Small shipping scams fly under the radar. Danika Kogelschatz considered herself a savvy Web shopper, smart enough to ask the right questions and do preliminary research before parting with her money. But she's out $300 for a used laptop that never showed up,
  • Graduating into debt. As students pile up ever-increasing education loan tabs, some colleges and universities are starting to question whether they should be counseling these young borrowers - before they end up with debt that will take them
  • Credit repair claims are usually false. Every day, consumers pay untold sums to companies that promise a quick credit fix. Most of the time, that money is wasted. I understand why these offers might seem enticing. Good credit can get you
  • Extent of TJ Maxx data breach grows. At least 94 million Visa and MasterCard accounts may have been exposed to potential fraud in a data breach at TJX, more than double the previous estimate by the discount retailer. The figure was included in
  • Insurance claims could haunt houses. If past history is any measure, many homeowners affected by the wildfires burning throughout Southern California will find that claims they submit to insurers will result in higher rates or even dropped policies. What they,

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