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  • No tax return? No rebate check. About 20 million Social Security recipients and other Americans who aren't required to file tax returns will need to do just that if they want to get rebate checks under the economic stimulus package signed into
  • NY AG accuses UnitedHealth of overcharges. Several of the nation's largest health insurers used data rigged so that patients would overpay for visits to doctors outside the insurers' own networks, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo alleged Wednesday.Cuomo, who last
  • FBI, SEC join complex probe of housing crisis. Congress approved an economic stimulus package. The Treasury Department pressed lenders to reset mortgage rates for millions of troubled homeowners. And New York's insurance regulator is attempting to bail out a critical sector of the
  • Yahoo service will let users stay connected. The last thing the world needs is another social network that lets users chat with their friends, the head of Yahoo Inc.'s mobile Internet business said. What users need is a way to keep
  • Shadow victims of the mortgage crisis: renters. The Bush administration's announcement Tuesday that it would put the foreclosure process on hold for 30 days to rescue struggling homeowners came several weeks too late for Mike Salgado. And he's not even a homeowner. Salgado, 40,
  • Lifeline for whom?. When pressed by government officials, the mortgage industry has repeatedly pledged to modify the loans of at-risk borrowers. In May last year, Senator Christopher Dodd, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, convened a group of
  • Foreclosure sales grow feeding vicious cycle. A growing share of home sales comes from foreclosures, especially in states hardest hit by the housing bust, according to an analysis of data. In some parts of California lately, nearly half of home sales
  • Más personas dejan de pagar sus cuentas. La Fundación Nacional para la Consejería de Créditos (NFCC) de Estados Unidos aseguró ayer que entre quienes han accedido a su portal de asesoramiento en asuntos crediticios, el número de personas
  • Quejas buenas y escritas. Un número de teléfono en el que es imposible hablar con un ser humano y un montón de reglas confusas son a menudo los primeros pasos a los que se enfrentan los
  • Credit Cards Rates Increase Despite Payment History. Though the Federal Reserve's recent move to cut the interest rate was meant as a reprieve for the stifled economy and consumers, some people are finding their credit card rates actually increasing. Drastic jumps in
  • Agilizan trámites de ‘green cards’. En un intento por reducir el rezago en la expedición de las llamadas green cards o tarjetas verdes, el Departamento de Seguridad Nacional (DHS) decidió agilizar el trámite de residencia permanente para quienes
  • Hipotecas ajustables ponen en aprietos a la Fed. Joe Ripplinger sacó una hipoteca de $184,000 en el 2006 y hace sus pagos cada mes. Ahora debe $192,000. El pintor de casas de Minneápolis tiene una hipoteca de tasa ajustable con opciones de pago. Le permite
  • Precio de los sellos subirá un centavo. Es hora de comprar y guardar muchos sellos de correo Forever, que siempre valen lo mismo, no importa si el precio sube. El costo de enviar una carta subirá un centavo --a 42 centavos-- el 12 de
  • Credit card rates keep rising. The Federal Reserve's dramatic rate cuts were expected to make it cheaper for consumers to use credit cards. But credit card interest rates remain high and in many cases have even climbed. Bruised by a
  • Fewer homeowners plan renovation projects. As more people struggle to pay their mortgage and fewer take out home-equity loans, many homeowners have cut back their spending on remodeling kitchens, replacing windows and other improvement projects. Two out of three homeowners
  • Website compares prices for health care. You can buy almost anything online these days, but try shopping the Internet for an MRI, strep throat test or even an annual physical exam, and you'll run into roadblocks. A new company called Carol
  • Cómo invertir cuando baja el interés. El miedo a una desaceleración de la economía ha provocado varias bajadas de tipos de interés por parte del Banco de Reserva Federal (Fed) desde septiembre de 2007, y parece que esa tendencia
  • Para ahorrar y mantener una perspectiva fresca. Hay consumidores que debieran pensar mejor cómo gastar el dinero en medio de una economía poco favorable. No obstante, con un poco de planificación de gastos es posible lograr cierto control financiero
  • Talk to your kids about ID theft. Add identity theft to the long list of things parents should discuss and educate their teens about, the Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland says. Parents should teach their children to question anyone who asks
  • Salvage treasures for smart homeowners. Piled on two rolling carts: four panel doors, two cases of gray ceramic tile, two bags of grout, one white pedestal sink, still boxed, and a pail of mortar. The doors need some work. The

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