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  • Scrutiny of phone cancellation fees. A planned federal hearing on penalties that cellphone users pay for canceling their contracts early may be expanded to include a discussion on similar fees for ending cable and Internet services ahead of schedule, the
  • Consumers will soon know the (credit) score. More than 160 million Americans would be able to learn their all-important credit scores at no charge -- and with no strings attached -- under a settlement by credit reporting giant TransUnion Corp. of a long-running
  • Intro grad to real life. Congratulations, parents of new college grads. Your kids earned their degrees, broadened their horizons and maybe even acquired marketable skills. And the best part for you? Now they get to pay for everything themselves. Well,
  • Fuel-efficient cars selling for less. Fuel-efficient cars have been selling for lower prices than a year ago, even though gasoline prices are setting daily records, while prices of big, fuel-thirsty SUVs are higher — a situation that defies common sense and
  • Manejan menos millas. Estados Unidos registró el pasado marzo los niveles más bajos de conducción de vehículos de su historia debido al elevado precio del petróleo. Según
  • Getting squeezed by credit card companies. When Don Cressman opened his monthly credit card statement, he was shocked to find some exorbitant fees added onto his bill. "I was charged an over-limit fee when the interest charge kicked my account over
  • Fed keeps watch on Wall St. - from the inside. In the two months since the government rescue of Bear Stearns, the Federal Reserve has built on the fly a new system of monitoring investment banks, radically redefining the central bank's role overseeing Wall Street.
  • Minimum-stay airfare rules irk fliers. Veteran business traveler Kevin Cuddihy knew he was in for a steep fare as he shopped online for a same-day-return weekday trip recently between Charlotte and Philadelphia. But $1,420 for a coach ticket? "I expected to
  • No más recortes del Fed. Muchas veces el Banco de Reserva Federal es ambiguo en lo que se refiere al rumbo de la economía, pro ahora las cosas no pueden ser más claras. Funcionarios del Fed han anunciado
  • El 'short sale' es tu salvación. Cuando el agua llega al cuello... se trata de vender literalmente “a cualquier precio”. De salir de una deuda imposible de pagar, aunque el sueño de la casa propia se diluya en papeles que
  • Cómo traspasar un crédito. Ser "cofirmante" te obliga A veces resulta difícil decir “no” cuando nos piden ser cofirmantes, sobre todo si se trata de un familiar o un amigo cercano. Pero ten en cuenta que si por
  • Small used car prices rise with gas spikes. The beige 2003 Honda Civic sat on Mike Haile's used car lot in Atlanta for only three days before he sold it for $8,200. And that was $300 more than the asking price. The car, with 62,000 miles on
  • 'Delay insurance' saves traveler hassles. Summer travelers worried about getting stranded at an airport because of storms, missed connections and canceled flights have new ways to protect themselves -- for a fee. After last summer's many travel hassles, travel-insurance companies
  • Loan programs leave some students behind. How bad is the student loan market, really? That depends on who you are. Traditional, dependent students, with creditworthy families, should find enough money for school year 2008-09 without much trouble, although they will probably
  • Improve your credit report. Some experts say that you should close old credit cards that you're not using very often. That can be a good idea if you're tempted to max out your credit cards. However, John Ulzheimer, president
  • Whip your finances into shape. There is no leniency. Credit card companies and banks are worried that people are drowning in debt and will fall behind on payments. With home values declining and banks wary of handing out loans, outlets
  • Real estate rules of engagement. When Sherry Spruill first met her real estate agent back in 2005, the two women clicked like old friends. Over the course of several months, they had dinner, drove together to see homes listed for sale
  • Cell phone cancellation fee plan draws criticism. A wireless industry proposal under consideration by the government that would make it easier for cell phone customers to break up with their service providers was met with withering criticism by consumer advocates on Wednesday.
  • Microsoft adds rebate program to lure users. Microsoft Corp. is discussing possible Web search partnerships with No. 2 provider Yahoo Inc. But on Wednesday the frustrated software giant also unveiled a strategy to buy one searcher at a time. The company is offering

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