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  • El Fed reduce las tasas de interés. El Banco de la Reserva Federal (Fed) redujo ayer las tasas de interés en tres cuartos de punto, una acción catalogada de inusual por analistas financieros, pero que denota la profunda preocupación
  • California a merced del robo de identidad. El robo de identidad es uno de los delitos de mayor crecimiento en Estados Unidos. De acuerdo con la Comisión Federal del Comercio (FTC) nueve millones de estadounidenses han sido víctimas de este
  • Public Wi-Fi users risk hack-ins. Next time you are sitting in a hotel lobby checking email on your laptop, be careful: The "businessman" in the next lounge chair may be tracking your every move. Many Wi-Fi users don't know that
  • Pet health insurance gains popularity. At a time when employers are scaling back on costly health benefits, pet insurance is gaining popularity as an employee benefit. Veterinary Pet Insurance, the nation's largest pet insurer, saw its corporate accounts balloon from 15
  • NY probes college study abroad programs. An investigation of college study abroad programs by the New York attorney general’s office has expanded to include 15 colleges and universities, among them Harvard, Brown and Columbia, a senior lawyer in the office says.
  • Prepárese bien para declarar impuestos. Organizar todos los documentos, datos y formularios de recaudación de impuestos con anticipación, es una manera práctica para evitar que todo se le acumule a último momento para hacer la declaración.
  • The real price of fakes. As the economy weakens, consumers hunt for bargains. Sometimes, however, a bargain can be a literal steal, and a dangerous one at that. The World Customs Organization estimates that 7 percent of goods traded in the
  • Taxes: Don't think of filing early. Get ready for another tricky tax season. Some last-minute tax legislation by Congress has once more turned something predictable and tedious into something that's confusing and, well, tedious. This time, it waited so long to
  • What's behind the offers to raise credit scores?. A host of companies have cropped up in the last year that offer struggling subprime mortgage holders quick-fix programs aimed at raising their credit scores. Some of their methods include piggy-backing onto a stranger’s
  • Want to refinance: Don't sit around. Is it a refi renaissance? Or a fast-closing window of opportunity? Nobody can say for certain, but there's no doubt about this: Thanks to the lowest mortgage interest rates in a year and a half,
  • NY State targets tax refund loans. New York officials filed civil complaints on Thursday against two tax preparation firms that offer high-interest loans against income-tax refunds, saying the companies had aimed the loans at low-income black and Hispanic families and military
  • Tax refunds can be worth wait in gold. The author James Baldwin once summed up quite nicely my feeling about Refund Anticipation Loans, which are heavily marketed this time of year by tax-preparation companies. Baldwin said: "Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty
  • Time Warner tests charging by Web usage. ime Warner Cable will experiment with a new pricing structure for high-speed Internet access later this year, charging customers based on how much data they download, a company spokesman said Wednesday. The company, the second-largest
  • State health care plans hit U.S. law. Several states and communities are moving to provide universal health coverage for their residents, but a federal law is blocking their efforts. Many of the proposals require employers either to offer health coverage themselves or
  • Modificarían préstamos en caso de bancarrota. Una nueva ley que modificaría las regulaciones sobre bancarrota permitiendo a los tribunales alterar las condiciones originales de un préstamo hipotecario está creando polémica entre banqueros, legisladores y organizaciones de apoyo al
  • Consumo de carne de animales clonados. El gobierno de Estados Unidos ha autorizado el consumo humano de carne y leche provenientes de animales clonados, confirmó ayer la Oficina de Alimentos y Medicinas (FDA). El organismo regulador del gobierno indicó que tanto
  • Apoyo en crisis de hipotecas. Un nuevo respiro para propietarios de viviendas que no han podido estar al corriente con el pago de su hipoteca y corren el riesgo de perder la propiedad viene en camino con un acuerdo que

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