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  • El auto ideal para un 'teen'. "Mi propio auto". Esa es la declaración de independencia de tres palabras que hacen varios jóvenes adultos recordando aquel momento tan importante en la adolescencia. Pero, para los padres el mismo momento probablemente
  • Gas prices push bikes into high gear. Four-dollar-a-gallon gas is good for business — if you run a bike shop. Commuters around the country are dusting off their old two-wheelers — or buying new ones — to cope with rising fuel prices, bicycle dealers say.
  • Stamp prices rise again. An extra penny for your thoughts. Mailing a letter costs a penny more this week, with the price of a first-class stamp rising to 42 cents Monday. But folks who planned ahead and bought Forever stamps
  • Finding house on the Web gets easier. As if home buyers do not have it good enough already, finding a house for sale on the Web is becoming easier. The triple threat of a weak market, legal pressure and increasing competition has
  • State programs add safety net for poorest. Little Rock, Ark. — For years, state welfare offices like the one alongside Interstate 30 have drawn the unemployed. But these days, the red-brick building here is also attracting poor, working parents with an unexpected offer: $204 a
  • Disciplined savers look for better returns. Scott and Razije Blanchard try to embrace freedom in all aspects of their lives. They celebrated in February, when the ethnic Albanians of Razije's homeland, Kosovo, declared themselves free. They've named their infant daughter Elira,
  • Reclamos por los tornados. Los tornados ocurridos en Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri y algunas zonas del estado de Georgia recientemente, son un recordatorio de lo destructivos y mortales que pueden ser estos fenómenos climáticos que afectan a gran
  • Mamá soltera y sus finanzas. No hay dudas que el Día de las Madres es una hermosa celebración. Pero, hablemos claro, para la mujer que tiene hijos, todos los días es Día de las Madres... aunque
  • Read the fine print on 'no-interest' deals. When Best Buy offered Mike Walker the chance to take home a television set and make no payments, interest or otherwise, for 12 months, it seemed like a great deal. Walker had shopped with Best Buy
  • My week of e-mail scams. The London representative of the Pavarotti estate prepared me for the shocking news that I was an heir. "This may sound strange and unbelievable to you," he wrote. But it didn't sound so strange to
  • Air travelers: No relief in sight. Three of the four members of the Zambrana family of West Babylon, N.Y., this year won't be making what has become an annual trip upstate to Rochester to visit their mom's friend. That's because
  • Colleges teach lesson in stress. RALEIGH, N.C. - Lacey Mogy didn't know much about student loans when she enrolled this year at the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh - except that she needed several if she was going
  • Grocery sticker shock. Americans may be getting another helping of food inflation, and it seems likely to come from higher prices for chicken and pork. Overall food inflation could double this year, lifted by the rising costs of
  • Muni bonds: Uninsured doesn't mean unsafe. Now you know. You've been wasting your money by buying insured municipal bonds. The bonds themselves are fine. In fact, muni yields are practically irresistible today, for taxable accounts. The wasteful part is the insurance.
  • Making it cool to save. A coalition of consumer advocates, public policy groups and academics wants to attack our country's dependence on debt by creating a national campaign much like the one used to curb smoking. It's a good idea
  • Persistance pays off in lower card rates. Sam Sweet has become a master at getting credit card issuers to cut the rates on his cards. Over the past several months he has persuaded Capital One to roll back his interest rate from 12.9
  • How new credit card rules could affect you. Proposals by federal bank regulators would zap questionable credit card practices. But while consumer advocates say the proposals are good first steps to rein in abusive tactics, card issuers bristle they will drive up costs
  • Good ideas for credit card reforms. His run for the presidency far behind him, Sen. Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut has not forgotten what inspired him to run in the first place. Sweeping legislative reform that the senator unveiled recently would
  • Avacado appliances probably aren't green. I don't know about you, but I’m a little tired of the whole green thing. Not the idea that Americans need to sharply cut their energy use (the words carbon footprint will not pass
  • Moving: Beware of 'furniture ransom'. Leah Moore and her husband, Colby Nichols, assumed they would be in their new Chicago home in time for dinner. Why would they think otherwise? All their belongings were in boxes, they had little furniture

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