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  • Targeting yield-spread-premium abuse. When a mortgage broker steers a borrower toward a high-rate loan for which the broker collects a rebate from the lender, that payment is called a yield spread premium. When the broker does so without
  • Senators don't rush into housing relief. Thousands of Americans may be losing their homes to foreclosure or facing hefty mortgage-payment resets, but the Senate appears to be in no rush to help. The House has passed several major housing-relief measures in
  • Give toy safety more clout. Note: Doug Gansler is Maryland's attorney general. David Kosmos is program associate for Maryland PIRG. Today is "Black Friday" - the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. As parents and other caregivers get ready
  • Most and least efficient of 200 big charities. Here's our big suggestion to those brimming with holiday charitable spirit: Treat any would-be donation like you would an investment. After all, as a supporter, you become a stakeholder. Do your research and learn all
  • El interés en letras grandes. La principal asociación del sector de préstamos rápidos o de día de pago —payday lenders— anunció ayer que en adelante sus afiliados colocarán carteles en sus oficinas explicando las cuotas,
  • ¿Te negaron el préstamo? Puede ser un error. Muchas familias necesitan solicitar préstamos, buscar otro empleo o comprar una póliza de seguro. Pero muchas veces la solicitud es negada por problemas en el reporte de crédito. Para que tengas una
  • Head of cable lobby condemns FCC report. The head of the cable television industry's lobbying group yesterday took aim at the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, blasting his attempts to place new regulations on cable companies while accusing the agency of
  • A way to freeze out ID thieves. Just as the holiday shopping rush begins, all three of the major credit bureaus have decided to provide a powerful tool to protect against identity theft. Within the last month, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion began
  • Congress and the mortgage mess. The House will vote today on much needed legislation to curtail abusive mortgage lending. Last minute lobbying to weaken the bill is coming from all corners: from brokers who hawked the junk loans, lenders who
  • Foreclosures hit a snag for lenders. A federal judge in Ohio has ruled against a longstanding foreclosure practice, potentially creating an obstacle for lenders trying to reclaim properties from troubled borrowers and raising questions about the legal standing of investors in
  • Major flaws in U.S. banking system. {To submit your ideas go to www.regulations.gov. Select "Department of the Treasury-All" from the agency drop-down menu, then click "Submit." In the "Docket ID" column, select "TREAS-DO-2007-0018." Visit the site.] Fed up
  • eBay sued about counterfeit goods. A lawyer for Tiffany & Co. accused eBay Inc. on Tuesday of allowing the sale of tens of thousands of pieces of counterfeit Tiffany jewelry on its Web site; an eBay lawyer responded that Tiffany wasn't
  • Protecting your nest egg in a recession. Anyone nearing retirement is old enough to remember the recession of 2001. While the experts were debating whether the country really was in a recession -- and if so, when it would bottom out and when
  • DOT slammed for handling of airline complaints. Airline passenger complaints to the U.S. Department of Transportation are rolling in by the thousands this year, but fliers waiting for government help may be disappointed. This year, the DOT's enforcement office has closed
  • Subprime fallout hits big money market funds. Bank of America, stung by the fallout in subprime mortgages, acted Tuesday to safeguard a bedrock investment of ordinary Americans: money market mutual funds. The bank said it planned to set aside $600 million to cover
  • Consumer anger sparks congressional action. If you look at lobbying dollars alone, the tale of consumer interest groups fighting to regulate the wealthy credit card industry is one of David vs. Goliath. But in this case, David has a lot
  • Prisoners of debt. In a financial version of Night of the Living Dead, debts forgiven by bankruptcy courts are springing back to life to haunt consumers. Fueling these miniature horror stories is an unlikely market in which seemingly
  • FCC might lower cable program costs. The Federal Communications Commission is likely to impose a new regulation on the largely unregulated cable television industry, the first of what may be more to come. Under a proposed rule circulating at the FCC,
  • Collecting insurance after a disaster. In the aftermath of Southern California's devastating wildfires, you might be thinking more about your insurance. If your house is damaged or destroyed, what can you expect from your insurance company? How quickly will you

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