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  • Caja de seguridad virtual. Lo peor no era haber perdido la tarjeta de crédito, sino darse cuenta de ello a la hora de pagar la cena de negocios a la que había invitado a un cliente. "Conseguí
  • Distressed owners frustrated by housing help. Every day more than 4,500 people call Hope Now, the White House-backed group formed to help struggling homeowners. But few of them appear to be getting the relief they are hoping for. One reason is that
  • El seguro gap de automóvil. Si creías que pagando el seguro normal de tu auto estabas cubierto de la “A” a la “Z” respecto a cualquier problema en la carretera, te equivocas, pues en esa cobertura queda un gran


  • Repo man? More like repo Big Brother. When the light starts to flash, you had better have the cash. That's the reality for millions of subprime borrowers whose used car purchase is contingent upon having an unusual option: a little box
  • Credit cards go after college students. Banks are getting more aggressive — and creative — in their efforts to pitch credit cards to college students by hawking cards near college campuses and striking exclusive partnerships with college alumni associations, according to a growing
  • DTV transition: Not everyone gets the message. Wallace Page, 87, begins and ends each day with his television. His tired legs don't let him get out much anymore, he doesn't own a computer and reading often strains his eyes. The TV set is
  • State cutbacks felt by most needy. In Illinois' Cook County, women in poor neighborhoods no longer have access to free mammograms from two mobile vans testing for breast cancer. In Michigan, hikers will find about 20 campgrounds closed, and scientists are ending
  • Food stamp use at record pace. Driven by a painful mix of layoffs and rising food and fuel prices, the number of Americans receiving food stamps is projected to reach 28 million in the coming year, the highest level since the aid
  • Typing becomes a travel skill. Last year was the first time that more travel was purchased online than off, Condé Nast Traveler reports. But the convenience of doing business over the Web comes with potential problems. To avoid them, the
  • Don't paint nest egg in company colors. By helping Bear Stearns avert a potential bankruptcy, the federal government essentially declared the venerable investment bank too important to fail. Over the years, many of the firm’s employees clearly felt the same way:
  • The year of budgeting magically. Financial counselors often tell their clients to prepare monthly budgets rather than yearly ones, on the theory that it is easier to predict expenses over a short period. But a paper recently published in The
  • No sure bets in personal data security. When a Maryland dental HMO acknowledged this week that it had accidentally posted the names, addresses and Social Security numbers of 75,000 members on its Web site, the revelation made news. But the security breach at
  • Avoidable blunders and how to spot 'em. Consumers make mistakes. We hire businesses without asking for references. We neglect to read contracts thoroughly before we sign on the dotted line. We fail to call different companies to get more than one estimate.
  • Finding stock cost basis may get easier. You've been buying stock on a regular basis and reinvesting the dividends to acquire more shares. Maybe over the years the stock has split once or twice. But accumulating stock this way might be a
  • Long fight ahead for Treasury blueprint. Lawmakers and regulators said yesterday that an ambitious plan by the Treasury Department to revamp the nation's decades-old financial regulatory structure could require congressional action stretching over several years and would not help the economy
  • Reforma a regulación financiera. El gobierno federal está preparando el terreno para un intenso debate luego de adelantarse que el lunes anunciará un plan para reformar a fondo sus mecanismos de regulación financiera, la mayor reestructuración del
  • Bush readies mortgage aid plan. The Bush administration is finalizing details of a plan to rescue thousands of homeowners at risk of foreclosure by helping them refinance into more affordable mortgages backed by public funds, government officials said. The proposal
  • Jumbo loans back with stiffer terms. Your tax rebate check won't arrive until May, but the economic stimulus plan's new super-size loans for buyers in high-cost housing areas have hit the market. Depending on the location of the property you want
  • ''Tours'' de compradores visitan casas en venta. El autobús se interna en un tranquilo barrio suburbano y se detiene frente a una casa deshabitada con un cartel que dice ''Se vende vivienda embargada''. Los vecinos, viejos y jóvenes, se asoman
  • President names new FTC chair. The White House named William E. Kovacic as the next chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, to succeed Deborah Platt Majoras when she resigns at the end of the month. Mr. Kovacic has served as

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