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  • Apoyo en crisis de hipotecas. Un nuevo respiro para propietarios de viviendas que no han podido estar al corriente con el pago de su hipoteca y corren el riesgo de perder la propiedad viene en camino con un acuerdo que
  • States probe banks' role in risky loans. Authorities in New York and Connecticut are investigating whether Wall Street banks hid crucial information about high-risk loans bundled into securities that were sold to investors, Connecticut's Attorney General said Saturday. The investigations, first reported
  • Housing scams more than double. Federal mortgage fraud convictions have more than doubled in the past year, and the FBI expects a growth in foreclosure scams as the crisis over substandard, high-interest home loans escalates. Foreclosure rates for these mortgages,
  • Lenders compete for those with good credit. Remember trying to refinance during the real estate boom? You were lucky if your broker or lender returned your calls within two weeks. How that has changed since the bust of the subprime market last
  • Finding the best airfare deals. What's your trick for finding low airfares? Do you scour the online discount fare finders first? Book Web-only specials directly from a carrier's site well in advance? Or gamble by naming your price for extra
  • Do Not Call List may renew. It wasn't very long ago that Americans often had lunch and dinner - and sometimes even breakfast - interrupted by phone calls from sales people. Such nuisance calls were sharply reduced after the 2003 creation of
  • Few lifeboats for people with mortgage troubles. The rolling tsunami of home-loan delinquencies and foreclosures is exposing serious problems in the mortgage industry's capacity to quickly handle borrowers' requests for help -- whether loan modifications, rate freezes or short sales to ward
  • Crack the credit card code. Your credit card interest rate could shoot past 30 percent, even if you have good credit. Credit card issuers are tightening the reins, and it's consumers who are feeling the pain. Here's what you can do
  • Give the gift of tax assistance. At tax time you can find lots of advice on how to boost your deductions or credits. People are focused mostly on getting as much money back from the government as possible. But this tax
  • Taxpayer Advocate: Give apologies and $1000. The Internal Revenue Service should issue "apology payments" of up to $1,000 to taxpayers whose cases are mishandled, the National Taxpayer Advocate told Congress yesterday. Nina E. Olson, a federal official appointed by the Treasury secretary,
  • Countrywide tells judge it 'recreated' letters. The Countrywide Financial Corporation fabricated documents related to the bankruptcy case of a Pennsylvania homeowner, court records show, raising new questions about the business practices of the giant mortgage lender at the center of the
  • Foreclosure hotline looks for help. A month after the Bush Administration announced a plan to help troubled homeowners, one foreclosure counseling agency is looking for some help of its own. "[We have] plans to hire new managers, counselors and customer
  • Business plan crucial for entrepreneurs. If you are searching for funding—whether from venture capitalists, angel investors, bankers, or even friends and family—one of the first requests you'll receive is this: "Send along your business plan." Before you hang
  • New taxpayer 'un-privacy' rules condemned. Consumer group representatives condemned new taxpayer “un-privacy” rules recently issued by the IRS for expanding rather than closing “gaping loopholes” that already allow sharing and marketing based on tax records, but issued cautious support for
  • To retire, or not to retire?. This year is a demographic watershed, a critical juncture for both individuals and employers. This is the year the first Boomers are officially eligible to retire. Whether you as an individual should retire when your
  • Stockbroker or financial advisor? You choose. The Financial Planning Association beat the stockbrokers in the name-calling contest. It sued over whether brokers could call themselves investment advisers and run your money for a fee. A federal appeals court said no. A
  • Ways to reduce huge school loan debt. There's student loan debt. And then there's student loan DEBT. The former is the $20,000 in loans of the typical college graduate. The latter is four or six times that amount, typically racked up by those
  • Too good to be true tax myths. Every year at this time, I write a series of tax-related columns. The goal is to provide guidance for homeowners preparing to file income tax returns. Normally, millions of Americans try to file well before

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