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Consumer Action's MoneyWi$e educational materials have moved to our Managing Money Project website. Here you may view, download and order bulk copies of the MoneyWi$e materials. Please make a note of the Managing Money Project address— www.managing-money.org —and add it to your address book.




  • Unlikely allies forge winning strategy. One is a free-market Republican from Wall Street with roots in the rural Midwest and a passion for bird-watching. The other is a rumpled, union-hall Democrat from Bayonne, N.J., who once famously described himself
  • Not easy to find help on brink of foreclosure. Zena Collins knew she had a serious problem when she could no longer afford electricity. The mortgage payment on her Gaithersburg house had jumped about $500, to $2,000 a month, not counting taxes and insurance, after her
  • Time to switch IRA to Roth IRA?. Panic set in almost as soon as I woke up. The night before, I had rolled over about $130,000 from my traditional individual retirement account to a Roth IRA, thinking it was a smart thing to
  • Paying online can weave web of problems. My friends tell me it's quick and painless. They say doing it makes life feel so much easier. They also swear that once you start, you won't be able to live without it. It sounds
  • The Fed aims at credit cards. After growing consumer complaints about hidden fees and other tricks of the credit card trade, the rules proposed by the Federal Reserve on Friday to deal with unfair or deceptive practices are a modest step
  • Credit restrictions are now the rule. Like a spreading infection, restrictions on credit are moving into new and more specialized niches of the mortgage market. Among those now feeling the pinch: Cash-out refinancings. Loans with anything less than full documentation of
  • Nueva ley contra discriminación. Las compañías no podrían usar información genética para tomar decisiones sobre empleo o seguros, de acuerdo con un proyecto de ley aprobado casi por unanimidad por el Congreso y que ahora
  • Credit cards: What you need to know. BIRMINGHAM, AL [Video Clip] - American Express and Consumer Action are kicking off the third year of their joint "Credit cards: what you need to know." Linda Sherry of Consumer Action visited the Good Day
  • Not all credit scores created equal. AS THE DIRECTOR of finance at a Spring Hill, Fla.-based Chrysler dealership, Marvin Hedrick has had his fair share of skeptical (and unhappy) clients, especially when he has to turn someone down for an
  • FDIC plan for home refinancing. A key federal regulator released a proposal to address the mortgage crisis Wednesday, calling on the Treasury Department to help troubled borrowers by lending them 20% of their mortgage principal to spur refinancing into more affordable
  • Fed's rate cut could help ARM holders. The Federal Reserve's action on Wednesday was the latest in an interest-rate-cutting drive over eight months that's helped lower the yields that many adjustable-rate mortgages are tied to. Thanks to the Fed's cuts, the rates
  • Brokers in the fast-and-loose lane?. There are lots of proposed remedies to prevent another mortgage catastrophe like the one we're going through now. Most of the suggestions I've seen won't fix the loopholes that allowed so many borrowers to take


  • Sneaky ways to get better gas mileage. Motorists looking to save as much as 32 cents on a gallon of gas needn't drive across state lines in search of cheaper prices at the pump. The answer is right under the hood. That's because
  • Foreclosures double, home prices tumble. The most severe real estate recession in decades appears far from over, with the pace of foreclosures rising, the fall in home prices accelerating and the pain spreading to nearly every major U.S. city,
  • Siphoning off corn to fuel our cars. Erwin Johnson picks up a clump of the dark, rich soil that he has farmed for 35 years, like his father and grandfather before him. In a few months, this flat expanse of northern Iowa will
  • An outbreak of caring. Tom Maguire, Verizon Communications' new Customer Care Czar, is one tough customer. When served chicken tacos without the chicken recently, he first complained to his waitress, then went online to the restaurant's Web site to
  • Experts, consumers share home market views. The spring home-buying season is kicking off in the midst of the most painful real estate recession in decades, with prices tumbling and many Americans losing their homes to foreclosure because they can't pay their
  • Credit card rates hustle higher. Even as the Federal Reserve has cut interest rates, financial institutions have sharply raised rates for credit card customers — even those who pay on time — as they grapple with losses from other bad consumer loans.
  • Ojo con las falsas ofertas de empleo. Muchas personas acuden a las agencias de empleo cuando intentan hallar un trabajo, pero no siempre esa es la mejor solución. En el mejor de los casos, una agencia de empleo sirve de intermediaria
  • Bill targets scammers who prey on elderly. A measure before Congress would help states monitor the credentials of people who claim to be senior or retirement specialists. Every year, Karen Liebig attempts to steer thousands of seniors away from investment fraud. And,

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