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Consumer Action's MoneyWi$e educational materials have moved to our Managing Money Project website. Here you may view, download and order bulk copies of the MoneyWi$e materials. Please make a note of the Managing Money Project address— www.managing-money.org —and add it to your address book.




  • Military families tackle debts with resolve. Like the service men and women they are, the participants in my yearlong money-management challenge have hunkered down and are attacking their debts with mighty force. In less than four months, Kim and George Coló
  • Never pay in advance to fix your credit. Picture this: You're eager to take advantage of today's troubled real estate market and buy a foreclosed house at a fire-sale price. But you don't have much money for a down payment. And your credit
  • Latinos no llegan a fin de mes. El 28 por ciento de los latinos, cerca de 6,6 millones de personas, admite llegar con dificultad a final de mes, lo que les lleva a aplazar algunos pagos mensuales y considerar la opción de la
  • Ahorrar gasolina puede salir caro. Con los precios de gasolina subiendo como la espuma, cada vez más compañías se preocupan por crear herramientas que ayuden a disminuir el consumo del preciado combustible. El problema es que la mayorí
  • Agregue valor a su propiedad. La reciente crisis económica ha truncado los sueños de muchos dueños de casa que deseaban cambiar su propiedad por otra más grande y mejor ubicada. Son pocos los que han podido
  • Banks vs. consumers (Guess who wins). What if a judge solicited cases from big corporations by offering them a business-friendly venue in which to pursue consumers who are behind on their bills? What if the judge tried to make this pitch
  • The trick to getting a mortgage fixed. More than 3,000 times daily, struggling homeowners call the foreclosure Help Hotline for advice on how to save their homes. And so begins the complicated and time-consuming foreclosure prevention process. Working together are mortgage servicers -
  • Cell services keep it easy, free. You hear it all the time: “These cellphones are too complicated, by cracky! I don’t want to play music or surf the Internet. I just want to make phone calls!” It may turn out,
  • Summer airfares double, triple, quadruple. The law of supply and demand is kicking in for airline passengers this summer — and not in their favor. Despite a string of price increases this year, demand for summer flights remains strong and the
  • Tough time for teen job seekers. If your teenager hasn't secured a summer job, he or she may find the employment possibilities limited this season. The market for summer jobs nationwide is going to be dismal, according to a study released
  • Advierten sobre fraude en hipotecas. El fiscal de Brooklyn, Charles J. Hynes, anunció ayer la acusación contra dos personas por fraudes de hipotecas y ventas de vivienda y previno a la ciudadanía sobre los riesgos de caer en
  • Direcciones de internet más peligrosas. Las empresas que asignan dominios en la inscripción de direcciones en la internet están reduciendo las medidas de seguridad cuando asignan nombre en ciertos dominios más que en otros, según un
  • TransUnion to give millions free credit score. Millions of consumers will soon be able to get their credit score and up to nine months of credit-monitoring service for free from TransUnion, which reached a preliminary settlement of a class-action lawsuit this week.
  • Gas prices too high? Your employer might help. How did you get to work today? The average U.S. commute is now about 30 miles and, with gas at a record $3.97 per gallon, that can hit employees' wallets pretty hard. (Oh, you've noticed?) So
  • Las Vegas: 'mortgage fraud ground zero'. In the shadow of Sunrise Mountain, where Rolling Hills Drive turns into Gold Mine Drive, a plain two-story home sits unoccupied, like thousands of other houses here in southern Nevada. Some of these empty homes
  • Protege tus documentos más preciados. Seguro que tienes algún amigo o has escuchado de alguien que perdió con el huracán sus fotos más queridas, documentos, listas de teléfonos, datos financieros, pólizas de seguros y tantos
  • Tu plan familiar para desastres. La temporada de huracanas ya comenzó y es el momento de defininir un plan sencillo de lo que debes hacer tú y tu familia en caso de impacto de un huracán u otro desastre
  • Firm helps advertisers take aim with online coupons. While most forms of advertising are getting better at targeting likely customers, coupons rarely hit the mark. To wit: US consumers redeemed less than 1 percent of the estimated 285 billion coupons issued last year for groceries
  • Cash-back card analysis. When it comes to rewards credit cards, Americans love cash back. According to TNS Global's Financial Services research, 57.4 percent of rewards cardholders have cash-back cards. They're also the type of rewards card Bankrate readers ask

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