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  • Tarjetas "verdes''. Tomar una iniciativa ''verde'' se va haciendo mas común entre algunos consumidores que quieren contribuir a hacer del medio ambiente una de sus causas personales. Por ello más empresas, incluyendo aquellas que otorgan
  • Finding your own health care insurance. Health care insurance is key to a family's financial security, perhaps second only to a paycheck. For the vast majority of workers, medical coverage comes through an employer. But more employers, particularly smaller ones, say
  • How to avoid an audit—or prepare for one. As you file your tax return, do you wonder whether you're likely to get audited? You can take some comfort in the fact that audits are remarkably rare, hitting about 1% of taxpayers each year. However,
  • Helping ailing kin from a distance. "I had the feeling that all wasn't well with my father," Claire Milne recalled. It was Christmastime in 2003, and Milne had flown from her London home to visit her 82-year-old father in Maryland. Milne noticed
  • Surfing for your financial needs. I'm too old" is no longer a valid excuse to avoid the Internet. I hear it often. Readers call for information on, say, Social Security benefits, freezing credit reports or tax rebates. The answers are
  • Fighting back against corrupt appraisals. Property appraisers have been warning about it for a decade, and the real estate market is reaping the whirlwind: The home price declines around the country are partly the result of systemic, intentional overvaluations on
  • HUD wants costs made clear to borrowers. Mortgage lenders would be required to give better estimates of closing costs and improve disclosure of payments to mortgage brokers under rules proposed Friday by the President Bush and the Department of Housing and Urban
  • Hotel holds can tie up your money. Think carefully before handing over a debit card at a hotel front desk. After saving for a San Francisco vacation, Manhattanite Lauren Hopkins checked into the Oakland Marriott City Center in August and was asked
  • Credit cards are frothy, not bubbly. A month ago, BusinessWeek ran a cover article essentially predicting that credit cards would be the next shoe to drop in our increasingly precarious economy. “The party was paid for with credit cards,” read the
  • 'Muscle' silences Congress credit card witnesses. Christy Mylar Smith and her husband paid their Citibank card bill on time for years -- but when they paid late twice in one year, their interest rate increased from 12.9 percent to 31.4 percent overnight. Steven
  • Bancos exigen más para dar préstamos. El crédito que podía obtener el lunes quizás ya no esté a su alcance el martes, pues los banqueros y prestamistas en general están endureciendo los requisitos mientras las ventas y
  • Baja el envío de remesas. El flujo de remesas hacia América Latina y el Caribe creció sólo en el 7% en 2007, la primera vez desde 2000 en la que el incremento es inferior al 10%, debido a la caída en
  • New ways to manage health data. You already bank online and use computer software to do your taxes. So why don't you trust technology to help you manage your health? Microsoft, Google and more than 100 Web sites offering personal health records
  • Countrywide probed for fraud. Federal authorities are investigating Countrywide Financial Corp. for securities fraud, according to newspaper reports. The FBI is in the early stages of an inquiry into whether executives with the Calabasas-based company misrepresented its financial position
  • 401(k)s tapped to save homes. Struggling to save their homes from foreclosure, more Americans are raiding their 401(k) retirement accounts to pay their bills — and getting slammed with taxes and penalties in the process, according to retirement plan administrators. Rather
  • Fighting cell phone telemarketing. The spam messages that have long plagued e-mail inboxes are now finding victims through a much more personal route: the cellphone. Text messages are the latest tool for advertisers and scammers to target consumers. But
  • Mortgage lenders see borrowers give up. On the front lines in the mortgage foreclosure crisis, lender and loan servicer Dennis Lauria says his deepest losses are from borrowers who owe more than their homes are worth and simply mail in the
  • Cuídate de los rescates de 'foreclosure'. Si alguna vez te sentiste tentado por un anuncio que decía: "Podemos salvar su casa. Garantizado"; o quizás: "Tenemos contactos especiales en varios bancos que pueden acelerar la aprobación de casos como
  • Pago automático de sus cuentas. Tomar control de las finanzas personales es indispensable para todos. Una manera de facilitar el pago de cuentas a tiempo y de hacerlo de un modo práctico, es la de utilizar el servicio de
  • A reverse mortgage mess?. With $4 trillion of home equity wrapped up in the houses of America's senior citizens, it's no coincidence that the market for reverse-mortgage loans is finally taking off. Reverse mortgages allow homeowners 62 and older to turn

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