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Consumer Action's MoneyWi$e educational materials have moved to our Managing Money Project website. Here you may view, download and order bulk copies of the MoneyWi$e materials. Please make a note of the Managing Money Project address— www.managing-money.org —and add it to your address book.




  • Dept. of Education to cancel $150 million in student loan debt. The U.S. Department of Education announced it would automatically cancel $150 million in student loans connected to for-profit colleges that closed in recent years. The discharge of loans applies automatically to about 15,000 students who attended
  • Women increasingly moving into male-dominated jobs. Traditionally male industries have made a comeback. The three fastest-growing sectors since December 2016 have been the three that are most male-dominated: mining, construction, and transportation and utilities. Yet in the same period women&rsquo
  • The real scandals are the ones we aren't looking at. You’ve got to hand it to Mick Mulvaney for his creativity. It was a year ago the former congressman and current Trump administration budget director was appointed to make the Consumer Financial Protection
  • How much should first-time homebuyers spend?. New research sheds fresh light on one of the most frequently asked home-buying questions, especially for first-timers: With our annual income, what price house can we afford? Is there some handy rule of thumb?
  • U.S. investigators point to China in Marriott hack. U.S. government investigators increasingly believe that Chinese state hackers were most likely responsible for the massive intrusion reported last month into Marriott’s Starwood chain hotel reservation system, a breach that exposed the
  • How retailers make fools of us at the sales rack. Sales make us irrational and thus susceptible to various marketing ploys. The more you know about how sales work, the less you might be inclined to pat yourself on the back for what you think
  • Equifax data breach was "entirely preventable". A scathing new report finds one of the largest data breaches in U.S. history was "entirely preventable." A 14-month congressional investigation slammed credit rating agency Equifax for lacking preventative measures in a

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