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Consumer Action's MoneyWi$e educational materials have moved to our Managing Money Project website. Here you may view, download and order bulk copies of the MoneyWi$e materials. Please make a note of the Managing Money Project address— www.managing-money.org —and add it to your address book.


Consumer Action’s Alerts highlight trends in consumer complaints, scams, outrageous fees and other notable consumer information.



Consumer Alerts

  • Stay up on recalls: Your family's safety may depend on it! (Dec 10, 2020)
    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risks of injury or
  • Consumer Action's Health & Wealth Convening resources (Sep 30, 2020)
    There are many connections between physical health and financial health, from inadequate health insurance to insufficient protections to
  • COVID-19 新冠肺炎疫情期間,消費者援助資源指南 (Sep 09, 2020)
    English version here Versión en español aquí 本指南包含聯邦CARES ACT新冠病毒疫情援助救難經濟安全法案的最新資料 在近期新冠病毒疫情爆發後,各類公私援助信息及資源不斷湧現出來,以協助人們在失去收入後、在患病期間或在學校停課時獲得一些幫助與支持。 我們將會不斷了解新信息,不斷更新以下內容。 CARES Act (新冠病毒疫情援助救難經濟安全法案)/經濟刺激 就業/勞工 食物以及餐飲 住屋 衛生保健 電訊/公共事業 金融服務 稅務 預防詐騙 旅行/郵輪 其他/雜項資源   CARES Act 新冠病毒疫情援助救難經濟安全法案/經濟刺激 CARES

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