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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Your Money and Your Brain Cover Art

Your Money and Your Brain

Author: Jason Zweig
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ASIN: 074327668X

About This Book

While there are many books that describe the mistakes investors make, but this one draws on the latest scientific research to explain why smart people can be so dumb about money—and how they can do better. In this book subtitled "How the New Science of Neuroeconomics Can Help Make You Rich," Money magazine writer Jason Zweig explains what goes on inside our brains when we make decisions about money. And he gives readers a roadmap for recovery from the ills that plague every investor, through simple, practical steps that beginning and advanced investors alike can easily and profitably follow.

Zweig writes: “I’ve been a financial journalist since 1987, and nothing I’ve ever learned about investing has excited me more than the spectacular findings emerging from the study of ‘neuroeconomics.’ Thanks to this newborn field – a hybrid of neuroscience, economics, and psychology – we can begin to understand what drives investing behavior not only on the theoretical or practical level, but as a basic biological function. These flashes of fundamental insight will enable you to see as never before what makes you tick as an investor.”


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