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Consumer Action's MoneyWi$e educational materials have moved to our Managing Money Project website. Here you may view, download and order bulk copies of the MoneyWi$e materials. Please make a note of the Managing Money Project address— www.managing-money.org —and add it to your address book.

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I’m a victim of identity theft. What can I do if someone is using my personal information to obtain credit?

The crime of identity theft is on the rise. Identity thieves steal Social Security, credit card, driver's license, ATM, and telephone calling cards and numbers, as well as other key pieces of an individual's identity. They use this information to spend as much money as they can, as fast as they can.

Consumer Action's hotline has received complaints from people whose personal information was used to open credit accounts, establish utility services, and even buy real estate.

Click here to learn more about how to protect yourself.

To read Consumer Action's ID Theft materials, click on the links below:

ID Theft and Account Fraud

Credit Freeze


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