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Fraud Bingo Game (Chinese)



Consumer Action's Fraud Bingo is a fun activity you can use in your trainings.

Fraud Bingo Game (Chinese)

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Fraud Bingo Game (Chinese)
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賓果遊戲可單獨做為教學工具或是與消費者行動 精明理財(MoneyWi$e)社區教育方案相關教材 Elder Fraud training module合併搭配使用。

如欲查閱消費者行動有關預防詐騙之社區教育刊物,可瀏覽“Frauds and Scams “一欄

備註:請切記在打印賓果遊戲資料時,前面4頁 (1-4) 要使用直立格式(portrait),8.5寸x11寸紙張。其餘頁數 (5-29) 則以橫置格式(landscape),8.5寸x14寸紙張印製。

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Published: March 09, 2010

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Fraud Bingo Game (Chinese)
File Name: fraud_bingo_ch_v2.pdf
File Size: 0.81MB


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本手冊由消費者行動印製出版,Capital One Services, Inc.贊助發行。

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