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Managing Money ( is a financial literacy clearinghouse featuring Consumer Action’s award-winning multilingual educational materials, headline news on personal finance topics and recommended publications created by other organizations and government agencies. The materials focus on financial services, sound financial planning and debt management, saving for emergencies and retirement and how to avoid frauds and scams.


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CA News Logo Rules at Risk (Spring 2017) Much progress has been achieved for American consumers in recent years. But many of these protections are now at risk of repeal. (Wednesday, March 08, 2017)

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Five Recent Publications

Savvy Online Shopping PowerPoint slides

Savvy Online Shopping PowerPoint slides. The downloadable Savvy Online Shopping PowerPoint presentation is designed to be used in conjunction with the lesson plan, adding a visual component that will help engage learners and improve retention.

Savvy Online Shopping seminar lesson plan and class activities

Savvy Online Shopping seminar lesson plan and class activities. This packet, only available as a PDF file, provides guidance for community educators. It contains a detailed curriculum and classroom activities.

Questions and answers about savvy online shopping and dispute resolution

Questions and answers about savvy online shopping and dispute resolution. Written in Q&A format, this backgrounder answers many questions about savvy online shopping that are not covered in the companion brochures.

A guide to finding the right job training school (Spanish)

A guide to finding the right job training school (Spanish). La formación profesional puede representar una valiosa inversión en su futuro, pero solo si la escuela o el programa son respetados y si el costo es razonable. Esta guía fue realizada para personas que están considerando inscribirse en un programa de formación profesional o en una escuela vocacional. El objetivo es ayudarles a tomar una decisión bien informada, evitar excesivos o indebidos préstamos estudiantiles y saber dónde acudir si creen que los ha defraudado una escuela con fines lucrativos.

Savvy online shopping: Tips for trouble-free transactions (Spanish)

Savvy online shopping: Tips for trouble-free transactions (Spanish). Las compras por internet ofrecen todo tipo de ventajas, pero esto no significa que no impliquen posibles riesgos. Esta publicación explica cómo reducir posibles problemas al proteger su información personal, tomar decisiones acertadas acerca de dónde comprar y cómo pagar, y adoptar medidas para evitar conflictos.

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Recommended Publications

Friday, September 23, 2016

Spanish-English glossary of real estate terms. A new Spanish-English glossary of commonly used real estate terms has been released to help real estate agents and brokers make the home buying process more manageable for consumers who seek to better understand the complexities of a mortgage transaction in Spanish. The glossary offers both formal and colloquial translations of key mortgage terms.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016 Car Insurance & Credit Scores Report by WalletHub Cover Art 2016 Car Insurance & Credit Scores Report by WalletHub. The WalletHub study gives us information on the connection between credit scores and car insurance.

Friday, September 04, 2015

CFPB Monthly Complaint Report: Credit Reporting Issues. Complaint reports from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) focus on a different issue each month providing a snapshot of complaint trends by type, state and company, and highlight actual complaints reported by consumers.

Friday, January 23, 2015

California Lifeline carrier search tool. The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) has a multilingual tool that enables consumers to search for California LifeLine service providers.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Owning a Home Cover Art Owning a Home. Designed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Owning a Home features an interactive, online set of resources and tools to help borrowers.

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